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Donkey Kong Country

After their precious hoard of bananas is stolen by the army of reptilian Kremlings lead by the cutthroat King K. Rool, Donkey Kong and his pal Diddy Kong are tasked with traversing all of Donkey Kong Island to steal their bountiful bunches of bananas back before it’s too late! Along the way, the DK Crew will rampage across sprawling jungle canopies, tunnel through cavernous labyrinths with sparkling gems to guide their way, take in the aquatic ambience after diving into coral ridden lakes, and explore abandoned mineshafts and factories to see their way to the King himself! Released in 1994 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Donkey Kong Country raised the bar with its groundbreaking visuals, atmospheric musical score, and intuitive level design that still has gamers going bananas for this absolute gem.

Donkey Kong Country Team:

Game Design - Gregg Mayles, Tim Stamper
Art & Graphics - Steve Mayles, Kevin Bayliss, Mark Stevenson, Adrian Smith, Chris Peil, Neil Crook
Software - Chris Sutherland, Brendan Gunn, Mark Wilson, Chris Stamper, Chris Tilston, Mark Betteridge, Oliver Norton, Mike Mclean
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise, Eveline Fischer, Robin Beanland
Quality Assurance - Huw Ward, Gary Richards, Joe Stamper Jr., John Hastie, Henry Sterchi, Isaac Marshall, Richard Richardson, Andy Williams, Tony Harman Jr.
Production - Dan Owsen, Simon Farmer, Tom Kristensen, S Stinson, Hiro Tanaka, Chris Stamper, Louise Stamper