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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

After swabbing the deck with King K. Rool's ugly mug in the original Donkey Kong Country adventure, it would seem that the overgrown lizard isn't taking it so well. So much so in fact that he's returned to DK Island and kidnapped Donkey Kong, holding him hostage in the treacherous and scurvy surroundings of Crocodile Isle. While Donkey Kong may have acted as the brawn of the outfit last time, Diddy Kong is no slouch either, and he isn't having any of Kaptain K. Rool's nautical nonsense. Partnering up with his girlfriend, Dixie, Diddy Kong begins his perilous pirate themed adventure in Crocodile Isle, facing off against K. Rools kutlass krew and exploring a variety of expansive worlds that will see them to the final showdown with the Kaptain. Tasked with topping the critically acclaimed Donkey Kong Country before it, Diddy's Kong Questtook on the daunting challenge in spades and created arguably the best title in the series.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Team:

Game Design - Gregg Mayles, Andrew Collard
Art & Graphics - Steven Mayles, Mark Stevenson, Christopher Gage, John Nash, Adrian Smith, Chris Peil, Steven Hurst
Software - Chris Sutherland, Mark Wilson, Brendan Gunn, Trevor Attwood, Phillip Wattis
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise
Quality Assurance - Huw Ward, Gary Richards, Paul Weaver, John Hastie, John Charlesworth, Gavin Hood
Production - Daniel Owsen, Leigh Loveday
Executive Producer Tim Stamper