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Donkey Kong Land

With the unrivaled and unbridled success of their first adventure in Donkey Kong Country, the big ape and his little buddy have shown up the curmudgeon Cranky Kong in their latest sales figures. Not one to take defeat humbly, Donkey and Diddy soon find themselves under the scrutiny of Cranky's wizened banter as he claims the praise of their first adventure was due to its new-fangled ACM graphics and stereo sound. Further adding insult to injury, Cranky states that the Donkey duo could never manage to accomplish the same feat on an 8-bit system like the Game Boy and he goads the heroes on into an escalated argument. As the debate rages on, Donkey and Diddy decide to prove their mettle by having Cranky arrange the Kremlings to steal the Banana Horde a second time on an unexplored region of DK Island to relive their adventure over again. Will Donkey and Diddy have the aging ape eating his words, or have they finally met their match in this 8-bit Adventure?

Donkey Kong Land Team:

Game Design - Andrew Collard, Tim Stamper
Art & Graphics - Dean Smith, Steve Mayles, Mark Stevenson, Keri Gunn, Carl Tilley, Kevin Bayliss, Neil Crook
Software - Paul Machacek, Steve Patrick, Oliver Norton, Martin Wakeley, Chris Peil
Music & Sound Effects - Dave Wise, Graeme Norgate
Quality Assurance - Huw Ward, David Wong, John Hastie
Production - Simon Farmer