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Taking a breather from their previous adventuring exploits at the luxurious Lost Vega leisure station, the Battletoads find themselves drawn in by the suggestive dancing of a Thallian Thorax Dancer. Unfortunately, things aren’t what they seem, and after luring the Toads into her trap, the dancer reveals herself to be the Dark Queen! With the element of surprise giving her an advantage, the queen makes quick work of Rash and Pimple while Zitz slips through her fingers and makes his way back to Professor T. Bird. Left without a partner, Zitz will have to traverse Planet Armagedda solo, mastering its many tricks and traps in the hopes of rescuing his fellow toads from the clutches of the evil Dark Queen.

Battletoads & Double Dragon GB

After finding herself on the receiving end of a crippling defeat administered by the Battletoads, the evil Dark Queen flees to the outer fringes of the cosmos where she begins to hatch an equally insidious plot to be carried out on Planet Earth. Teaming up with the Shadow Warriors, the evil Dark Queen makes quick work of the military forces before setting her sights on world domination with their secret weapon, the Colossus, seen emerging from the lunar surface with its laser set to fire. Preparing for the worst, the Battletoads spring back into action with Double Dragon brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee to save the Planet and send the evil Dark Queen reeling into the recesses of space once more.

Battletoads In Ragnorak’s World

An innocent intergalactic space cruise takes a turn for the worst as the evil Dark Queen incepts the Battletoads‘ Toadster ship and kidnaps the bodacious babe, Princess Angelica, along with her warty escort, Pimple en route to her home planet. This of course doesn’t sit too well with the remaining Battletoads team, Rash and Zitz who are tasked with tailing the aforementioned evil Dark Queen to Ragnorak’s World. Traversing the planet will prove to be no easy feat, as every turn and twist will lead the ‘toads into factions of brutal opposition. Psyko Pigs, Razor Ravens and and Hammer Fish will be the least of your worries as you punch, kick and buck your way to the evil Dark Queens Lair to rescue the damsel in distress and your fellow toad in trouble!

Beetlejuice: Horrific Hijinx from the Neitherworld!

With the insufferable Deetz family scared out of their wits and out of home by Beetlejuice in the last adventure, the prime real estate has since been snatched up by the garish ghouls from the Neitherworld. To make matters worse, Lydia has found herself kidnapped by Astroroth – a massive malevolent monster – and dragged into the Neitherworld herself. Hardly one to entertain unwanted guests, Beetlejuice is tasked with cleaning out the newly haunted house from top to bottom and then making his way through the gateway to the Neitherworld! Can Beetlejuice manage to come to Lydia’s rescue before it’s too late, or is she destined to join her late parents and dwell in the Neitherworld forever?

Donkey Kong Land

With the unrivaled and unbridled success of their first adventure in Donkey Kong Country, the big ape and his little buddy have shown up the curmudgeon Cranky Kong in their latest sales figures. Not one to take defeat humbly, Donkey and Diddy soon find themselves under the scrutiny of Cranky’s wizened banter as he claims the praise of their first adventure was due to its new-fangled ACM graphics and stereo sound. As the debate rages on, Donkey and Diddy decide to prove their mettle by having Cranky arrange the Kremlings to steal the Banana Horde a second time. Will Donkey and Diddy have the aging ape eating his words, or have they finally met their match in this 8-bit Adventure?

Donkey Kong Land 2

With their Banana Horde returned back to their jungle outfit during the conclusion of the previous Donkey Kong Land installment, King K. Rool hatches a wicked plot to apenap Donkey Kong. As K. Rool watches his plan unfold before his eyes, the headstrong Diddy Kong invites his girlfriend, Dixie to team up and pursue the overgrown Kremling through seven massive worlds. Based on the extremely successful Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest for the SNES, the second installment of the Donkey Kong Land series brings together the same cast of nautical naughties and endearing allies in this retelling on Game Boy that you can take on the go!

Donkey Kong Land III

Set shortly after the events of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble, the Northern Kremisphere is home to a heated competition to find the fabled Lost World hidden somewhere on the land. Allegiances have began to form seemingly overnight, with the return of Baron K. Rool fronting his own hunt with his Kremling Krew and Donkey and Diddy Kong deserting the other Kongs and leaving a malcontent Dixie and Kiddy Kong far behind. Struggling to make up lost ground, Dixie and Kiddy embark on an all new adventure across the Northern Kremisphere, meeting familiar faces and battling familiar foes, determined to uncover the location of the Lost World first!

Killer Instinct GB

Taking everything you loved from the arcades and downsizing it all to fit in the palm of your hand, Killer Instinct for Game Boy pits you against an onslaught of hardened fighters overseen by monolithic Ultratech Corporation in their dimension spanning Killer Instinct tournament. Take control of Spinal, Fulgore, B. Orchid, Jago, Sabrewulf, T.J Combo, Chief Thunder, Glacius and Eyedol as you fight through a rigorous roster of competing fighters to come out on top, or face off against your friends with the Game Boy IR Link or Super Game Boy for SNES. With a familiar cast of characters from the arcade, and iconic stages included in the port, Killer Instinct on Game Boy will have you taking on a solid stack of opponents when you’re on the move or taking on competitors on the go.

Monster Max

Meet Monster Max, a guitar wielding musician with a passion for all things rock n’ roll and his sights set on stardom and groupies. Unfortunately for Max, his views aren’t shared by a meddling human named King Krond, who has landed on the Monster Planet and made all music contraband on a whim. This of course doesn’t sit too well with our aspiring rocker, and with his guitar packed away for a long haul, Monster Max plans to restore the Planet’s music and overthrow the insipid King Krond before it’s too late! Akin to many of the stellar Ultimate hits on the ZX Spectrum à la Knight Lore and Alien 8, the critically acclaimed isometric perspective wasn’t lost on Monster Max – the most rocking title to ever grace the single screened wonder if we do say so ourselves…

Sneaky Snakes

Serving as the successor to Snake, Rattle ‘n’ Roll for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sneaky Snakes stars twin serpents, Genghis and Atilla, who have been tasked with rescuing their friend Sonia Snake from the oft-mentioned Nasty Nibbler. It’s a race against the clock as Genghis and Atilla traverse the lethal landscape, gobbling up the tasty Nibbley Pibbley’s to extend their tails and generally avoiding hazards and heinous obstacles that block their way forward. With a little luck, and a few dozen mouthfuls of Nibbley Pibbley’s, these Sneaky Snakes will manage to slither their way to victory and give the Nasty Nibbler more than he can chew.

Super R.C. Pro-Am

Setting out for another lap and setting the speedometer to ‘Thrill’, R.C. Pro-Am returns to the tracks with the brilliant sequel to-go on Gameboy, Super R.C. Pro-Am! Take on three other expert drivers as you traverse 24 increasingly difficult tracks, hugging hair-pin curves and picking up powerful weapons and gadgets that will see you to the finish line. Avoid the tricks and traps strewn across the course and be sure to collect the sought-after N-I-N-T-E-N-D-O letters to soup up your speedster. Will you manage to outmaneuver the flustered competition, or are you an auto wreck waiting to happen?

The Amazing Spider-Man

After Spidey‘s most lethal super villains uncover his true identity as unsuspecting Daily Bugle photographer, Peter Parker, they band together and kidnap Mary Jane from under his nose. Without any leads to her mysterious disappearance, Spider-Man is forced to explore the bustling metropolis of New York City while confronting his most powerful of enemies, including the Scorpion, the Rhino, Mysterio and Doctor Octopus. Can Spider-Man manage to take clear the city streets of its worst criminals, or will he spin his last web? Get your Spidey-sense tingling with The Amazing Spider-Man on Game Boy.

Wizards & Warriors X: The Fortress of Fear

After a staggering defeat at the hands of Kuros and his masterful Iron Sword in the last adventure, the evil wizard Malkil has retreated to his sprawling fortress where he shut himself away for 17 long and lonely years. Unfortunately for Kuros evil habits die hard and surprising nobody Malkil returns to the land of Sindarin and kidnaps the princess, Elaine and imprisons her inside the Fortress of Fear. After several ill-fated rescue attempts from the bravest knights of the land, all heads turn to Kuros who must singlehandedly negate the many tricks and traps in the Fortress of Fear, and save princess Elaine before it’s too late…

WWF Superstars

The illustrious path to become King of the Ring isn’t without it’s bone-crunching drawbacks, but if you’re ready to take on all contenders than you’ll be well on your way to finding your place among the Superstars! Match wits and powerful finishers with the likes of Macho King Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect, the Million Dollar Man, Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior as you exchange insults and grapple with each other inside and outside the ring. With Vince McMahon announcing each suplex, piledriver and devestating finishing blow, the action never lets up with WWF Superstars!