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Monster Max

Meet Monster Max, a guitar wielding musician with a passion for all things rock n' roll and his sights set on stardom and groupies. Unfortunately for Max, his views aren't shared by a meddling human named King Krond, who has landed on the Monster Planet and made all music contraband on a whim. This of course doesn't sit too well with our aspiring rocker, and with his guitar packed away for a long haul, Monster Max plans to restore the Planet's music and overthrow the insipid King Krond before it's too late! Along the way to do battle with the King of Non-Pop, Max is tasked with trouncing nine training levels at the monolithic Mega Hero Academy, which includes stacking rubber ducks into make-shift platforms, traversing an elaborate ice cube jetty and hitching rides atop Eyeball patrons. Akin to many of the stellar Ultimate hits on the ZX Spectrum à la Knight Lore and Alien 8, the critically acclaimed isometric perspective wasn't lost on Monster Max - the most rocking title to ever grace the single screened wonder if we do say so ourselves...

Monster Max Team:

Game Design - Jon Ritman
Art & Graphics - Bernie Drummond, Kevin Bayliss
Software - Jon Ritman
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise