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Donkey Kong 64

Everyones favorite Ape is back once more, making an impressive and smooth transition to the third dimension! Wild worlds and knock-out visuals only scratch the surface of the Kong's latest endeavor to prevent the vile King K.Rool from blasting the whole of DK Isles with his massive Blast-O-Matic Laser. Fortunately DK won't be alone to dethrone the King, as Diddy Kong and new entries Tiny, Lanky and Chunky Kong have joined the fray, each with their own unique abilities and collectibles that will see you to the final fight.
Sprawling lands aren't anything new to the Donkey Kong Country universe, but in 3D they go from impressive to downright expansive! During your adventure you'll brave an abandoned Kremling Factory, a stretching Jungle, ancient desert and even a fantastical Forest complete with massive mushrooms and a giant Cuckoo Clock! Will the Kongs manage to brave these wondrous worlds and gather the strength needed to best King K.Rool, or has the Ape seen better days?

Donkey Kong 64 Team:

Game Design - George Andreas
Art & Graphics - Chris Peil, Matthew Grover, Neil Pryce, Mark Stevenson, Carl Tilley, Richard Vaucher, Andrew Wilson, Chris Woods
Software - Simon Craddick, Brendan Gunn, Robert Harrison, Steve Horsburgh, Richard Wilson
Music & Sound Effects - Grant Kirkhope, Eveline Fischer, Eveline Novakovic
Quality Assurance - Huw Ward, Ross Bullimore, Matthew Carter, Dale Murchie, Adam Munton, Luke Munton, Gary Phelps, Gavin Price, Leonard Godfrey, John Silke, Gareth Stevenson, David Wong
Support - Kevin Bayliss, Robin Beanland, Ed Bryan, Johnni Christensen, Alistar Lindsay, Gregg Mayles, Steven Mayles, Don Murphy, Chris Seavor, Chris Sutherland, Chris Stamper, Tim Stamper