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At the top of her tower, the warty and physically repugnant Gruntilda the witch asks her magic cauldron who is the prettiest of the land. Unfortunately the answer she manages to receive isn’t quite what she hoped for, and after learning that her loathsome looks were outdone by a bear cub named Tooty, the old hag swoops down on her broomstick towards Spiral Mountain in an envious fit. With a plot to steal Tooty’s good looks via Beauty Transfering Machine, all looks lost for the helpless bear as she’s captured and brought back to Gruntilda’s Lair. Enter our titular heroes, big brother bear Banjo and his pet breegul Kazooie; an unlikely duo that are tasked with rescuing Tooty from Gruntilda’s clutches before it’s too late!


Two years have passed since Gruntilda the witch was defeated by Banjo and Kazooie at the top of her tower in the last adventure, which saw the old hag tumble down the escarpment and end her descent in Spiral Mountain. Vowing revenge against the bear and breegul duo, Grunty rises from her grave with the help of her devious sisters and uses her wicked magic to wreak havoc on Spiral Mountain, which culminates in destroying Banjo’s house, killing poor Bottles the mole in the process… Losing precious ground, Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo Jumbo find themselves thrown into their newest adventure in the Isle O’ Hags, following Gruntildas trail in the hopes of restoring Bottles and taking out the witch for good!

Blast Corps

After a defective Nuclear Missile Carrier strays from the beaten path and inadvertently turns into an unstoppable force, the Blast Corps. are tasked with leveling entire evacuated cities and demolishing anything that might cause the carrier to shift its volatile payload. Clearing an improvised avenue against the clock means the Blast Corps. crew can get creative with several powerful experimental vehicles at their disposal to get the job done. Fish-tail into a complex with BackLash, send debris cascading with SideSwipe and floor an entire skyscraper with the Cyclone Suit! There’s no time to lose and no expense to be had when it comes to making a suitable path for the steadily approaching Missile Carrier. Let’s get to work!

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

After a night of heavy binge drinking at the Cock and Plucker, Conker the Squirrel awakens to find himself far away from home and left to contend with the worst side-splitting headache a hangover can deliver. All Conker wants to do is return home to bed, but this feat is easier said than done as his half baked antics lead him through a variety of different worlds as he meets a slew of menacing and uncouth characters. Ripe with scatological humor and vulgarities with heavy tribute to popular films of the decade such as the The Matrix, Alien and The Terminator, nothing is sacred in this risqué tale. For a cutesy platformer turned on its head starring a sarcastic Squirrel with a heavy-duty hangover, it’s just gonna be one of those days….

Diddy Kong Racing

Far away from the prying eyes of civilization, an island paradise known as Timber Island is thrown into dystopia when an intergalactic wizard hog descends from the dark recesses of space to gatecrash and throws the inhabitants of the island out in the cold. Challenging anyone in attendance to win the island back by racing him on the Islands renowned Tracks creates little competition and Wizpig soon finds himself on an unbeatable winning streak. Timber and his pals attempt to take back the island by force, touring through twenty-five exhilarating race courses at high speed in planes, cars and hovercrafts. Will Timber and friends manage to defeat Wizpig and return the island to its former glory before his parents return?

Donkey Kong 64

Everyones favorite Ape is back once more, making an impressive and smooth transition to the third dimension! Wild worlds and knock-out visuals only scratch the surface of the Kong’s latest endeavor to prevent the vile King K.Rool from obliterating the whole of DK Isle with his massive Blast-O-Matic Laser. Fortunately Donkey Kong won’t be alone in his massive Kong quest to dethrone the King, as Diddy Kong and new entries, Tiny, Lanky and Chunky Kong have joined the fray, each with their own unique abilities and collectibles. Take on Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, Frantic Factory, Gloomy Galleon and much more! Will the Kongs manage to gather the strength needed to best King K.Rool, or has the Ape seen better days?

GoldenEye 007

The worlds most reputable spy and renowned MI6 Agent is back for his most challenging mission yet! Backed with an impressive arsenal of over 30 explosive weapons and gadgets, James Bond is tasked with taking on the deadly Goldeneye project; a Soviet Spy Satellite turned superweapon by the Janus crime syndicate. Each objective completed leads this suave agent closer to the truth behind Goldeneye, accessing high-stakes missions in foreign lands with an emphasis on espionage. With a License to Kill and cunning nerve, Bond must dismantle the Soviet operations before it’s too late. While the multiplayer addition has aided to its enduring legacy, the campaign is just as thrilling as its source film. Finish the job James, if you can.

Jet Force Gemini

With the noble Jet Force resistance a shadow of its former self after a great intergalactic struggle against an unstoppable insectoid army lead by the tyrant Mizar, the future of humanity hinges on the efforts of remaining survivors Juno, Vela and Lupus of aptly titled Jet Force Gemini. After narrowly escaping destruction in the latest stand-off, their heavily damaged ship is soon boarded by Mizars drones, leaving the three heroes no choice but to go their separate ways in the hopes of halting the impending invasion. Tasked with liberating a race of Tribal creatures, the trio must venture across the galaxy, gathering an impressive arsenal that will see them to the final confrontation with the insect tyrant, Mizar himself…

Killer Instinct Gold

After the entire Space-Time Continuum is thrown into jeopardy during the explosive climax of the original Killer Instinct title, the seasoned combatants are unwillingly warped two-thousand years in the past where they’re tasked with proving their mettle against the freshly liberated Demon Lord, Gargos. While the appearance of the remaining survivors will please any veteran of the Arcade classic, a new tournament from the insidious Ultratech Corporation wouldn’t be complete without the introduction of several new fighters. Killer Instinct: Gold takes everything you loved about Killer Instinct 2 from the arcades and brings home all of the Combo Breakers, Humiliations and stunning No Mercy finishers!

Mickey’s Speedway USA

Mickey’s Speedway USA tasks Mickey and friends with rescuing the mouses’ poor pup, Pluto, after he manages to get himself dognapped by Pete’s incessantly irksome band of Weasels. Customizing your vehicle with Ludwig Von Drakes cavalcade of cooky inventions will have you catching up to Pete’s cronies in no time, and with a little skill – and some luck – this mouse just might be ready for the road and up for the unsurmountable challenge that falls before him. It’s best to fuel up for the journey ahead, as you’ll be traveling across the United States in this cross-country adventure, passing Los Angeles, San Fransisco, New York, Seattle and even the chilly confines of Alaska to find Pluto and return him home to the house of mouse!

Perfect Dark

The year is 2023; under the guise of a research and development corporation , the Carrington Institute lends itself as an ally to the extraterrestrial race, the Maians, as it operates a training ground for a group of highly skilled special agents. Together they fight an undercover interstellar war between a rival race of planet destroying reptilian aliens called the Skedar, and the sinister dataDyne Corporation who have been corrupted with an insatiable greed and support an ulterior agenda all their own. Fearing for the future of Planet Earth in the face of these imposing titans, founder Daniel Carrington calls forth his best weapon, Secret Agent Joanna Dark, to put a stop to the nefarious plot of dataDyne and the Skedar race before it’s too late!