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Jet Force Gemini

With the noble Jet Force resistance a shadow of its former self after a great intergalactic struggle against an unstoppable insectoid army lead by the tyrant Mizar, the future of humanity hinges on the efforts of remaining survivors Juno, Vela and Lupus of aptly titled Jet Force Gemini. After narrowly escaping destruction in the latest stand-off, their heavily damaged ship is soon boarded by Mizars drones, leaving the three heroes no choice but to go their separate ways in the hopes of halting the impending invasion with the promise of an eventual reunion. Tasked with liberating a race of Tribal creatures while blasting away at an endless onslaught of armed drones, the trio will trek through the galaxy adding to their impressive arsenal that will see them to the final confrontation with the insect tyrant, Mizar himself...

Jet Force Gemini Team:

Game Design - Martin Wakeley
Art & Graphics - Paul Cunningham, Neil Gallagher, Stephen Hall, Brian Smyth, Lee Musgrave, Stephen McFarlane
Software - Neil Hutchinson, Andrew Innes, John Pegg, Paul Mountain
Music & Sound Effects - Robin Beanland, Alistair Lindsay, Graeme Norgate
Quality Assurance - Huw Ward, Adam Munton, Matthew Carter, Luke Munton, Gary Phelps, Gavin Price, John Silke, Gareth Stevenson, David Wong, Don Murphy, Mark Edmonds, Mark Betteridge
Voices - Alistair Lindsay, Neil Gallagher, Eveline Ascher
Support - Mike Currington, Robert Harrison, Chris Seavor, Pete Cox, Doug Crouch, Mark Green, Paul Mixell, Eileen Hochberg, Keith Coll, Scott Hochberg, Jerry Rogowski
Production - Leigh Loveday, Simon Farmer
Producer - Tim Stamper, Chris Stamper