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Donkey Kong Country GBC

The Ape is back! No, we mean way back! After introducing a new score of gamers to the Kongs escapades in titular starring role Donkey Kong 64, it was high time to show them the ways of the original acclaimed Kremling quashing adventure; Donkey Kong Country, now fully realized and ready on the go! Fortunately for 'Country enthusiasts, not a detail was spared in this faithful reimagining, as every level, enemy, character, animal buddy and environment has been crammed into the cartridge. It must not have been such a tight squeeze however, as this new outing features new minigames to play, bonus content to be utilized via link cable and Gameboy Printer, and even mention of a "Lost Level" proves that this is much more than just a straight conversion. Whether you're just coming to grasps with the original series, or you've been playing the trilogy on Super Nintendo since it's hey-day, this impressive rendition is sure to please everyone and anyone; except Cranky Kong that is...

Donkey Kong Country (GBC) Team:

Game Design - Andrew Collard, Bennett Aldous
Art & Graphics - Keri Wood
Software - Des Hinkson, Chris Pigas, James Simmons, Jens Restemeier
Music & Sound Effects - Robin Beanland, Eveline Fischer, David Wise
Special Thanks - Pete Cox, Simon Farmer, Joel Hochberg, Leigh Loveday, Tim Stamper, Chris Stamper, Andy Wilson