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Perfect Dark GBC

Just a year prior to her whole saving the world escapade, Joanna Dark starts off in her prime as a budding agent-in-training who shows great potential at the Carrington Institute. While her scores are naturally flawless, she craves for some real world action where she can put her experience to the test! Fortunately for our eager heroine her call of duty isn't too far off the mark, as her first mission sees her investigating the strange going-ons at an Illegal Cyborg Manufacturing Facility fronted by a sinister corporation called dataDyne. As per tradition with the Perfect Dark universe, nothing is quite as it seems and the same holds true as this rookie soon finds things escalating rather quickly, the events of which lead to the extraterrestrial origins of the first Perfect Dark title on Nintendo 64.
Rare have really pulled all of the stops on this stealthy Game Boy shooter to ensure the most out of your game including a built-in Rumble Pak to the cartridge itself and even full fledged voice acting; something that seemed impossible on handheld consoles. The title also took advantage of the Gameboy Printer, IR Link and even Transfer Pak to unlock bonus content, making it a perfect companion to its 64-bit counterpart.

Perfect Dark (GBC) Team:

Game Design - Gary Richards, Steven Malpass
Art & Graphics - Dermot Fanning, Keri Wood, Beatrix Jones
Software - Trevor Attwood, Chris Pigas, James Simmons
Music & Sound Effects - Grant Kirkhope, Eveline Fischer, Martin Penny
Voices - Eveline Fischer, Duncan Botwood, Chris Sutherland, John Silke
Quality Assurance - Ross Bullimore, Justin Cook, Matthew Carter, Simon Farmer, Gareth Jones, Adam Munton, Luke Munton, Dale Murchie, David Parkinson, Gary Phelps, Gavin Price, John Silke, Roger Smith, Gareth Stevenson, Huw Ward, David Wong
Production - Leigh Loveday
Special Thanks - Simon Farmer, Joel Hochberg, Chris Stamper, Tim Stamper