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Game Boy Color

Conker’s Pocket Tales

Fresh from his Diddy Kong Racing adventure, Conker the squirrel sits down with his girlfriend Berri to celebrate his birthday with a large novelty cake. As the red squirrel leans in to blow out his candles however, a large Acorn punches through the surface of the fake cake and within seconds has scooped up all of Conker’s birthday presents and taken Berri captive! Now it’s up to Conker to pursue this gatecrashing Evil Acorn across the overworld as he recollects all of his birthday presents, and more importantly, rescues Berri from the clutches of this nutty adversary.

Donkey Kong Country GBC

The Ape is back! No, we mean way back! After introducing a new score of gamers to the Kongs escapades in titular starring role Donkey Kong 64, it was high time to show them the ways of the original acclaimed Kremling quashing adventure; Donkey Kong Country, now fully realized and ready on the go! Fortunately for ‘Country enthusiasts, not a detail was spared in this faithful reimagining, as every level, enemy, character, animal buddy and environment has been crammed into the cartridge. Whether you’re just coming to grasps with the original series, or you’ve been playing the trilogy on Super Nintendo since it’s hey-day, this impressive rendition is sure to please everyone and anyone; except Cranky Kong that is…

Mickey’s Racing Adventure

After hours of tireless work decorating carnival floats, Mickey and his friends soon found themselves on the receiving end of Pete’s latest wicked trick. No sooner had the gang finished had Pete and his cronies shown up on the scene in their souped-up racers, kicked enough dust in the air to create a suitable diversion and made away with their carnival decorations! Now it’s up to Mickey and friends to band together as they pursue Pete’s gang across oceans, praries, mountains and dungeons with a selection of their own upgradeable cars and crafts, which will see them to a final confrontation with Pete himself!

Mickey’s Speedway USA GBC

Based on the Nintendo 64 title of the same name, Mickey’s Speedway USA on Game Boy Color tasks Mickey and friends with rescuing the mouses’ poor pup, Pluto, after he manages to get himself dognapped by Pete’s incessantly irksome band of Weasels. Customizing your vehicle with Ludwig Von Drakes cavalcade of cooky inventions will have you catching up to Pete’s cronies in no time, and with a little skill – and some luck – this mouse just might be road ready. It’s best to fuel up for the journey ahead, as you’ll be traveling across the United States in this cross-country adventure, passing popular spots like Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and even the chilly confines of Alaska to find Pluto and return him home to the house of mouse!

Perfect Dark GBC

Just a year prior to her whole saving the world escapade, Joanna Dark starts off in her prime as a budding agent-in-training who shows great potential at the Carrington Institute. While her scores are naturally flawless, she craves for some real world action where she can put her experience to the test! Fortunately for our eager heroine her call of duty isn’t too far off the mark, as her first mission sees her investigating the strange going-ons at an Illegal Cyborg Manufacturing Facility fronted by a sinister corporation called dataDyne. As per tradition with the Perfect Dark universe, nothing is quite as it seems and the same holds true as this rookie soon finds things escalating rather quickly, the events of which lead to the extraterrestrial origins of the first Perfect Dark title on Nintendo 64.