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Battletoads & Double Dragon SNES

After finding herself on the receiving end of a crippling defeat courtesy of the Battletoads, the evil Dark Queen flees to the outer fringes of the cosmos where she begins to hatch an equally insidious plot to be carried out on Planet Earth. Teaming up with the Shadow Warriors, the evil Dark Queen makes quick work of the military forces before setting her sights on world domination with their secret weapon, the Colossus, seen emerging from the lunar surface with its laser set to fire. Preparing for the worst, the Battletoads spring back into action with Double Dragon brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee to save the Planet and send the evil Dark Queen reeling into the recesses of space once more.

Battletoads In Battlemaniacs

Venturing to the Gyachung-La fortress in northern Tibet, the Battletoads brave the frigid climate to test out a revolutionary new Virtual Reality system called TRIPS. As the ‘Toads prepare to strap into the VR experience however, one of the Dark Queens‘ Psyko Pig minions virtually leaps out from within the system, dragging Zitz and the CEO’s daughter back into the machine in an instant! With trouble afoot and certain doom fast approaching, it’s up to the remaining Battletoads to traverse the virtual world of Gamescape and release their fellow toad and damsel in distress, all before the evil Dark Queen and her newest partner in crime, Silas Volkmire, can trap them inside the digital world forever!

Donkey Kong Country

After their precious hoard of bananas is stolen by the army of reptilian Kremlings lead by the cutthroat King K. Rool, Donkey Kong and his pal Diddy Kong are tasked with traversing all of Donkey Kong Island to steal their bananas back before it’s too late! Along the way, the DK Crew will rampage across sprawling jungle canopies, explore abandoned mineshafts, take in the aquatic ambience in coral ridden lakes and navigate fearsome factories to see their way to the King himself! Released in 1994 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Donkey Kong Country raised the bar with groundbreaking visuals, intuitive level design and atmospheric musical score that still has gamers going bananas.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

After swabbing the deck with King K. Rool’s ugly mug in the original Donkey Kong Country adventure, it would seem that the overgrown lizard isn’t taking it so well. So much so in fact that he’s returned to DK Island and kidnapped Donkey Kong, holding him hostage in the treacherous and scurvy surroundings of Crocodile Isle. Partnering up with his girlfriend, Dixie, Diddy Kong explores the perilous pirate themed adventure in Crocodile Isle and faces off against K. Rools nautical naughties that will see them to the final showdown with the Kaptain. Tasked with topping the first critically acclaimed Donkey Kong Country before it, Rare took on the daunting challenge in spades and created arguably the best title in the series.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble

While the latest Kong Quest may have favored Donkey and Diddy when it came to trouncing King K. Rool, the absence of the oversized Kremling doesn’t seem to explain how the daring duo have suddenly vanished without a trace. Fearing for the worst, Dixie Kong ventures out into the unexplored and hostile regions of the Northern Kremisphere aided by her cousin Kiddy Kong in tow, determined to rescue her boyfriend and prime ape from certain disaster. With the faithful Kremlings serving under the reign of new menacing, robotic usurper calling itself “KAOS“, the developments insofar are looking admittingly a bit grim for the newly-minted pairing. Can Dixie and Kiddy manage to overcome chaos before it’s too late?

Ken Griffey, Jr.’s Winning Run

Rare swings and delivers a bonafide smash hit that sends expectations out of the park, with Ken Griffey, Jr.’s Winning Run on Super Nintendo! Step up to the plate and choose your division, play against twenty-eight teams from the American and National Leagues in an All-Star showdown, or challenge up to eight players with the Homerun Derby contest. Create an unmatched roster with legendary pros, including Ken Griffey, Jr., and then test your mettle over the course of an entire season, the playoffs and even the World Series! You’ll call every shot, trading players during the MLB season and viewing the action from anywhere in the stadium. It’s how baseball was meant to be played, it’s Ken Griffey, Jr.’s Winning Run!

Killer Instinct

Take home the action from the arcade, with Killer Instinct on Super Nintendo! B. Orchid, Jago, Sabrewulf, T. J. Combo, Glacius and Chief Thunder return in Ultratech’s ruthless KI Tournament, entering into a battle of wills against the megacorporations finest fighters including Fulgore, Spinal, Riptor and Cinder and ultimately the pan-dimensional demi-god, Eyedol in a high-stakes showdown! Face off against bitter adversaries with the Tournament Mode, exclusive to the Super Nintendo, or get to grips with Training Mode to master the fighter of your choice. Retaining all of the Combo Breakers and Humilations that made Killer Instinct Arcade so refined, this offering on Super Nintendo is truly Rare!