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Wheel of Fortune

Give the Wheel a spin, buy a vowel, and if you can, solve the puzzle to make your fortune! It's Wheel of Fortune for your Nintendo Entertainment System, fully realized from its televised roots from Rare! Step into the spotlight as a contestant as you wager your odds and race against the clock - match wits against your friends, or compete against the computer players as you spin the wheel with gusto! Gauge your strength to press your luck, choose your letters carefully and avoid going bankrupt! With over 1000 challenging solutions to keep you guessing, and four rounds of fortune-faring rivalry in a single game, Wheel of Fortune has it all, including showcase prizes like a Dream Vacation, new Bedroom Suite, and even a Ski Holiday! What have you got to lose? Give the Wheel a spin!

Wheel of Fortune Team:

Game Design -
Art & Graphics - Kevin Bayliss
Software -
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise