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With Jeopardy! on your Nintendo Entertainment System, you can get closer to the high-stakes trivia game than the live studio audience could ever hope to! Stay sharp on the buzzer and you might leave with a fortune - if you can manage to contemplate the proper 'Questions' to nearly 2,000 'Answers' provided, that is. With over 400 varied categories to choose from, you'll never play the same game twice as you wager your encyclopedic knowledge against British TV, '70's Rock and Lunch Meats! Up the ante with Double Jeopardy!, Daily Double and Final Jeopardy! as you take on friends and family, or go head to head against the cunning Jeopardy! Computers for a match of quick-fire buzzing and even faster thinking! The Answer is Jeopardy!, do you have the Question?

Jeopardy! Team:

Game Design -
Art & Graphics -
Software -
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise