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A Nightmare on Elm Street

Something sinister is at work during your nightmares, and while a conspiracy has etched out from those trying to quell suspicion, they’ll never manage to silence the one who stalks you in your dreams and gives subconscious terror a name: Freddy Krueger. As one of the four surviving teenagers warding off sleep with an insomniac binge you’ll be tasked collecting all of Freddy’s remains found around the homes of Elm Street and burning them in the high school furnace to end the nightmares for good! Explore the parallel worlds of reality by slipping in and out of your dreams, where your fears will manifest themselves as horrifying visions. Do anything you can to stay alive and above all else, stay awake – don’t let your eyelids get too heavy – if you fall asleep, Freddy will find you!


Anticipation mounts in Rare‘s first electronic board game for the Nintendo Entertainment System! The name of the game is Anticipation, and you’ll find yourself waiting on baited breath to be the first to guess what the pencil is drawing before your friends do! Once you’ve buzzed in, it’s time to submit your answer using the letters on screen! Manage to get the answer right and you’ll earn the colored card for that square; collect one blue, pink, green and yellow card and you’ll be levitated to the next board, high above your flustered competition. With four boards to conquer as you take on friends or computer players, and a variety of sketching subjects ranging from nature, maths and the dreaded whatchamacallit, Anticipation will have you on the edge of your seat in no time!

Arch Rivals: A Basket Brawl!

All is fair in love, war and Arch Rivals it seems, as Rare‘s port of the arcade smash brings home all of the broken rules, dirty pool and technical fouls to your disposal. Left hooks, fast breaks and free throws aren’t just for the court anymore as you’ll have free reign to dish out the damage on your adversaries to win the game. Dribble your way around the short-sighted ref before dragging his shorts to the floor, avoid the concession stand refreshments that have found their way onto the court and send a fist careening into you nearest adversary! It may be frowned upon, but it separates the winners from the losers. Rules were meant to be broken, and Arch Rivals: A Basket Brawl! makes a sport out of tenacious tactics, poor sportsmanship, foul play and outright cheating!


An innocent intergalactic space cruise takes a turn for the worst as the evil Dark Queen incepts the Battletoads‘ Toadster ship and kidnaps the bodacious babe, Princess Angelica, along with her warty escort, Pimple en route to her home planet. This of course doesn’t sit too well with the remaining Battletoads team, Rash and Zitz who are tasked with tailing the aforementioned evil Dark Queen to Ragnorak’s World. Traversing the planet will prove to be no easy feat, as every turn and twist will lead the ‘toads into factions of brutal opposition. Psyko Pigs, Razor Ravens and and Hammer Fish will be the least of your worries as you punch, kick and buck your way to the evil Dark Queens Lair to rescue the damsel in distress and your fellow toad in trouble!

Battletoads & Double Dragon NES

After finding herself on the receiving end of a crippling defeat administered by the Battletoads, the evil Dark Queen flees to the outer fringes of the cosmos where she begins to hatch an equally insidious plot to be carried out on Planet Earth. Teaming up with the Shadow Warriors, the evil Dark Queen makes quick work of the military forces before setting her sights on world domination with their secret weapon, the Colossus, seen emerging from the lunar surface with its laser set to fire. Preparing for the worst, the Battletoads spring back into action with Double Dragon brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee to save the Planet and send the evil Dark Queen reeling into the recesses of space once more.


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! The ghost with the most makes his debut on your Nintendo Entertainment System with his most ambitious bio-exorcism gig yet! Tasked with forcibly removing the prudish Deetz family and their obnoxious guests from the Maitland home, Beetlejuice will have to employ an array of lethal shock tactics through eight terrifying levels including the Sewers, Graveyard and the Afterlife. Help Vouchers can be procured by stomping on beetles and defeating particularly nasty ghouls, don’t linger around the living too long though – a quick trip to Saturn isn’t out of the question if you’re especially unlucky, and then you’re food for the Sand Worm for sure! What have you got to lose? Turn on the juice and see what shakes loose!


Based on the Arcade classic of the same name, Cabal puts you at the head of the action with an impressive arsenal of high caliber riffles and powerful munitions to steel yourself against an onslaught of terrorists, soldiers and commandos. Take cover behind the barracks and use your vantage point to take out enemy forces from the air, land and sea, then shower the entire company with enough grenades to clear the area and leave nothing in your wake. Manage a ruthless front on the battlefield and you’ll lead a one-man army to assured victory against the world. Keep your itchy trigger finger ready at all times to blast your way through the crumbling enemy lines and obliterate your opposition! It’s rough, it’s merciless, it’s vicious, it’s Cabal for your Nintendo Entertainment System!

California Games

Surfs up, dudes! This radical release from Rare sees you touring the California coastline and competing in several awesome events to take home most excellent prizes! Venture onto the beach and get ready to hang ten when you catch some seriously maxed out waves in Surfing. Dry off and make tracks to the half-pipe where you’ll impress some bodacious babes with your stellar moves in Skate-Boarding. Build up some boss speed and perform outrageous tricks in Rollerskating, and even traverse a treacherous track with a bit of BMX! Once you’re finished acting the daredevil, it’s time to settle down with some more sedated events like Footbag and Flying Disk to have you soaking in the rays. California Games is your ticket to the gnarliest sports this side of the shore, dig?

Captain Skyhawk

When a hostile race of alien invaders begins to harvest the worlds energy to fuel a massive laser canon that will ultimately used to destroy it, Captain Skyhawk is called upon to prevent the leeching menaces from returning the sought-after energy to their mothership. Tasked with piloting his F-14VTS Fighter Jet through a series of treacherous trenches crawling with extra-terrestrial opposition, Skyhawk‘s ultimate destination lies at the planetary core of four far-flung reposit stations. Take control from within the cockpit as you navigate through intense dogfights, drop your volatile payload into receiving ports and face off against larger-than-life bosses that are out of this world. They may not come in peace, but thanks to Captain Skyhawk they’ll be leaving in pieces!

Cobra Triangle

It’s anything but a pleasure cruise aboard this highly modified Cobra Class Speedboat, as the waters are rippling with excitement, bubbling with anticipation and frothing with rage! You’ll be expected to master your craft as you race savvy competition in twisting canals, leap over spanning chasms, detonate bombastic beacon buoys and power through raging rapids as you go against the flow. Leave enough obstacles in your wake and you’re sure to rouse the attention of deadly sharks, or perhaps an immense sea monster that has risen from the fathoms. It’s a race against time as Cobra Triangle delivers one action-packed mission after the next, with enough electrified currents, vicious whirlpools and perilous logjams to fill an entire sea of troubles!

Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat

Based on the successful arcade title of the same name, Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat straps you into the cockpit as you race white-knuckle against a trio of breakneck Indy drivers including Danny Sullivan himself! Master every hairpin turn and complete every lap to upgrade your vehicle to streamline perfection, dominate the competition and you’ll be headed straight for the finish line – with a little help from your attentive pit crew of course. Follow the non-stop racing action from the likes of Western Canada, New Jersey, South California, Ohio and Colorado for your rare shot at competing in the ultimate challenge; the Tradewest Speed Bowl! Start your engines and get ready for the burn, this is Indy Heat as you’ve never seen it before!

Digger T. Rock: Legend of the Lost City

Armed with a trusty spade and an iron will, pint sized miner Digger T. Rock is about to embark on the largest dig of his storied career after stumbling on a half-hidden sign pointing ‘way ‘way down to a fabled Lost City. Riches and wealth beyond his unfathomable fantasies may await Digger in the unexplored labyrinthine caverns, but the same can be said of the terrifying prehistoric creatures and unspeakable horrors that patrol the the depths of the subterranean chambers, just waiting for curious cave explorers to stumble unwittingly into their domain. Can Digger T. Rock manage to shift enough sand and dig enough dirt to find his way to the deepest of depths, or is he digging his own grave en route to eternal fame and ancient riches to be found in the fabled Lost City?

Double Dare

Bringing all of the fun without any of the needless messy cleanup, Double Dare for the Nintendo Entertainment System takes everything you loved about the sloppiest game show on television and puts you in the seat of the action! It’s a frantic race against the clock as you compete in a brain racking round of trivia, which will offer up the chance to Dare and Double Dare the hardened competition into raising the stakes and the prizes. After a match of wits, it’s time to get down and dirty with several physical challenges that have made the transition like Spaghetti Shoot, Cake Catch and even Pie in Your Pants! One last stretch to be had in the obstacle course and you’ll have time for sloppy seconds! We Dare you to last a single round, in fact, we Double Dare you!

High Speed

Forgoing the expense and potential prison time of participating in a police chase, High Speed is your ticket to escaping the long arm of the law from the comfort of your living room, with the classic pinball machine recreated by Rare. Press your luck as you attempt to nail successful strings like Running the Red, Freeway Frenzy and Ramp Race to reap in the points – but be sure to watch out for some new additions that have found their way in as well! The dreaded Manic Mechanic and Acid Patches are sure to put a damper on your escape plans, so using your Lightning Bombs is fundamental to keeping the action coming. If you can manage to give them a proper run for their money, you’ll make headway for the Jackpot! Score for more and then drive away at High Speed!

Hollywood Squares

You’ve argued with the clueless contestants on television, you’ve watched as the celebrities have lied through their teeth – now it’s your turn to prove your mettle and spot deceit and deception with Hollywood Squares! Akin to its televised counterpart, you’ll be expected to fill a large tic-tac toe board by answering trivia to claim a square. You’ll have a little help from a panel of celebrity guests who provide answers – but watch out – if you’ve been suckered into their bold-faced lies or doubt their genuine answers, you’ll surrender your spot to the competition! There are fantastic prizes to be won, including a brand new flashy sports car if you can pick apart the facts from the falsehood. Who can you trust? Is anyone on your side? Find out, with Hollywood Squares!

Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II

After his short-lived triumph in the original Wizards & Warriors title, Kuros is summoned to the land of Sindarin where his nemesis, the evil wizard Malkil has returned after tempering the four elementals of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire. It will take more than might to overthrow magic this time, as Kuros will need to forge the only mortal weapon that Malkil has ever feared; the fabled Ironsword of legend. Forced to recover the its four shattered pieces, Kuros must do battle with each daunting Elemental warrior, traversing their domain and conquering challenges head on. With the mythical blade in hand, Kuros has only one opportunity to claim the throne from Malkil before the entire land of Sindarin is at his mercy.

Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road

Getting down and dirty with some gritty all-terrain action, Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road pits you against an unforgiving circuit as you master hairpin turns, brave rocky inclines and avoid perilous obstacles that dot the track. Not a detail was sparred in this faithful reimagining of the arcade classic, with Fandango, Sidewinder and Big Dukes demanding as much skill and earnest commitment as their original counterparts. A quick pit stop to Ironman‘s Speed Shop will allow you to fine-tune your performance and upgrade your souped up speedster after every race. Take the challenge against your friends with the NES Satellite accessory to allow four player simultaneous racing, or go head to head against seasoned racers in an exhilarating off road campaign.


With Jeopardy! on your Nintendo Entertainment System, you can get closer to the high-stakes trivia game than the live studio audience could ever hope to! Stay sharp on the buzzer and you might leave with a fortune – if you can manage to contemplate the proper ‘Questions’ to nearly 2,000 ‘Answers’ provided, that is. With over 400 varied categories to choose from, you’ll never play the same game twice as you wager your encyclopedic knowledge against British TV, ’70’s Rock and Lunch Meats! Up the ante with Double Jeopardy!, Daily Double and Final Jeopardy! as you take on friends and family, or go head to head against the cunning Jeopardy! Computers for a match of quick-fire buzzing and even faster thinking! The Answer is Jeopardy!, do you have the Question?

Jeopardy! 25th Anniversary Edition

For nearly thirty years Jeopardy! has challenged the most brilliant minds to use their wit to earn fame and fortune. Isn’t it about time you’ve had your turn? If you’re up for the task then Jeopardy! 25th Anniversary Edition is your invitation to join in the thousands of previous winners by providing the proper ‘questions’ to each challenging ‘answer’. Hundreds of new categories have been specially crafted for this commemorative celebration to rack your brain over, so whether you’re playing against like-minded living room contestants on their own winning streak, or you’re waging your intellect against the tough-as-nails Jeopardy! Computer, the action never lets up! Only the sharpest wit and the quickest fingers will stay ahead of the game, so think fast and play faster!

Jeopardy! Junior Edition

Rare‘s trivial pursuits are realized in this successor to their original acclaimed Jeopardy! title with a special edition all its own. Jeopardy! Junior Edition is tailor made for a younger generation, with its high-stakes ‘questions’ and ‘answers’ focusing on topics that appeal to adolescent and preteen gamers. With nearly 2,000 possible answers and over 400 popular culture categories to choose from, you’ll have to keep your wits about as you wager against friends and family, or take on the Jeopardy! Junior computer players for Daily Double prizes and more! While the demographics may have shifted a bit, Jeopardy! Junior isn’t without its engrossing challenge, nail-biting excitement, or notorious competitive streak popularized by its predecessor.

Nice mouthguard.

John Elway’s Quarterback

Based on the smash hit arcade game of the same name, John Elway’s Quarterback turns your living room into a bona fide football field as you run every pass, manage every tackle and outrun the daunting opposition — just like John Elway! From the scrimmage line you’ll have complete control over each maneuver and power play that will lead to a touchdown; each call playing to your offensive or defensive strengths. Play against real rival teams as you go head to head against the cunning computer players, or take on your friends as you attempt to outmatch their skill and outwit their own plays in the thrilling and in-depth multiplayer mode. No matter how you choose to play the game, John Elway’s Quarterback will seat you at the head of the field and at the forefront of excitement!

Jordan Vs. Bird: One on One

Rare delivers a proverbial ‘Clash of the Titans’ with this star-studded slamfest featuring basketball legends, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird of NBA fame! Take to the court as your preferred idol to face off against your adversary in a gripping One on One match, or take some time to hone their individual skills with Michael Jordan‘s Slam Dunk Challenges and Larry Bird‘s 3-Point Contests. If you’re ready to settle the titular dispute once and for all, a full-fledged One on One game will be the decider; face off against your friends or go head to head against the computer with four thrilling periods of slam dunks, fast breaks and cunning strategy. There can only be one sure winner when the clock runs out, so which one is it going to be? Michael Jordan or Larry Bird? You decide!

Marble Madness

It siphoned quarters in the arcades, it inspired the rancor of countless heavy handed gamers with its precise control, and now the insanity comes home with Marble Madness for your Nintendo Entertainment System! The premise is simple in theory; guide your fragile marble through a treacherous isometric course as you attempt to steel yourself to the goal line. In practice this is easier said than done, however, as each obstacle, hairpin turn and uncertain drop will send you careening towards your certain doom! You’ll also be racing against the clock in all six increasingly challenging raceways, with each Steelie, Marble Muncher and even your own momentum hindering your approach to the goal. Only masters of prestidigitation will manage to survive Marble Madness!


In a world where the streets are no longer safe, criminal activity is rampant and the nation is falling inexorably towards chaos, the last hope resides in Project: NARC to restore peace and order through any means necessary. Agents Max Force and Hit Man are tasked with spearheading the operation to overthrow the criminal druglord Mr. Big and his expansive empire, taking to the streets to face off against all opposition. Arresting gang members and drug traffickers is an option, but in these dire times more reinforcement is often required via heavy artillery fire. With their Porche 911 Turbo Carrera Narcmobile equipped with a Mobile Scanner Unit, Max Force and Hit Man will aim to seize all illegal contraband, salvage all of the munitions and above all else — get the job done!


The cold caress of steel, a million blinking lights akin to pulsars set the gears in motion; its eyes open wide to behold the Galaxy in its entirety — Pin*Bot awakens! In the deep recesses of space, you’ll be tasked with facing off against the ultimate machine in a game of skill, precision and nerve. Your only chance at survival is to send your silver pinballs streaking across the cosmos; their light speed deflection is quintessential to traversing the Solar System. The only opposition is Pin*Bot itself — a perfect amalgamation of raw machine power and artificial intelligence determined to leave you stranded on Pluto. It will take keen reflexes, a sharp mind and equally cunning dexterity to best Pin*Bot, but managing this mammoth task is the only means for your ensured survival in this Galaxy.


The Spanish Main has been renowned for its treacherous channels, hostile armada and unsavory merchants alike; if you hope to make your fortune over these troubled waters, you’ll have to take on the guise of an unscrupulous swashbuckler and take the sea by force with Pirates!. Command your battle-hardened crew aboard your seaworthy vessel as you make a name for yourself as an English Buccaneer, Adventurer, Spanish Renegade or French Explorer in six distinct time periods. While the allure of hidden treasure and fair maidens may entice your adventuring spirit, you’ll have to be ever vigilant when thrown headlong into battle with neighboring towns, rival ships and even your own crew as events unfold! Can you avoid a mutiny and master the merciless six seas in Pirates!?

R.C. Pro-Am

Test your racing skill on 32 impressively difficult and unforgiving tracks as you master each demanding curve, straightaway and bottleneck with style alongside a trio of other embittered rivals who hope to snatch away your position and the prize! If the competition gets a little too close for comfort, a well-placed bomb or missile found on the track should keep them at bay. Oil slicks, Pop-up Barriers and Rain Squalls will test your mettle as well, but if you can manage to collect the performance boosters like Sticky Tires and the sought-after N-I-N-T-E-N-D-O bonus letters at breakneck speed you’ll manage to outmaneuver any opposition that comes your way. This is remote-control racing as it’s never been seen before, fully realized by Rare on the Nintendo Entertainment System!

R.C. Pro-Am II

R.C. Pro-Am is back, and this time it’s bigger, faster, and more challenging than ever before! Turn up the heat with 24 new merciless circuits to become the champion of R.C. Pro-Am II, or extend the invitation to three friends to find the best racer amongst you. Driving skill will only get you so far however, as you’ll find new performance enhancing power-ups, hindering obstacles and lucrative prizes appearing on the track. Collect enough fast cash and you’ll manage to make your R.C. Racer a force to be reckoned with when you splurge on improved tires and faster engines – alternately, favoring your arsenal with missiles, bombs and lasers will make every confrontation lethal! Strictly for professionals, R.C. Pro-Am II delivers as much speed, action and excitement as its predecessor!

Sesame Street: 123

Sesame Street: 123 is an engaging and captivating learning tool that teaches young children the fundamentals of basic mathematics and shape recognition through two fun-filled games that will entertain for hours. Blast off into adventure with Astro-Grover as you countdown more than just a rocket launch; the alien Zips are coming to visit and they’ll need your help to guide them to planet Earth. Ernie’s Magic Shapes will delight and amaze, as Bert‘s sidekick conjures up some serious fun; his magic hat providing an assortment of colorful shapes for your child to identify and work their own magic in turn. With varying levels of difficulty and the ever-patient guidance from Grover and Ernie, Sesame Street: 123 is a cornerstone for your child’s development. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Sesame Street: ABC

Sesame Street: ABC is an interactive and intriguing learning tool that teaches young children the fundamentals of basic language and problem-solving skills through two fun-filled games that will entertain for hours. Make some waves with Ernie’s Big Splash as you guide his Rubber Duckie through a series of labyrinthine pipes to join him in the bath; the Muppet Fun Pals are on standby to help should you need it! Once you’ve dried off, the fairground will provide the Letter-Go-Round; a fun-filled game that tasks your child with matching and spelling simple words by selecting them from a rotating ferris wheel. With varying levels of difficulty and the Muppet Fun Pals leading the way, Sesame Street: 123 is a cornerstone for your child’s development. It’s as easy as A, B, C!

Sesame Street: ABC/123

Everything you’ve loved and learned from Sesame Street: 123 and Sesame Street: ABC comes together in a well-rounded compilation that will teach your child the fundamentals of basic language, problem-solving, mathematics and more! Test the waters with Ernie’s Big Splash as you attempt to guide hapless Rubber Duckie into Ernie‘s bath, and then cycle through the Letter-Go-Round taken straight from Sesame Street ABC. Take to the stars with Astro-Grover and conjure up some serious fun with Ernie’s Magic Shapes as they return from Sesame Street 123, ready to thrill and educate! Sesame Street: ABC/123 will provide your child with hours of delight and development as they play they best that Sesame Street has to offer. It’s as simple as A,B,C. As easy as 1,2,3!

Silent Service

Dive into the troubled seas of the past with Silent Service, an incredibly detailed submarine simulator that dredges up the bloodiest battles during World War II in the South Pacific.
Take command of the U.S. Fleet Submarine as you explore the merciless depths under the guise of a Midshipman, Lieutenant, Commander or Captain, submersing yourself into a world of uncertain peril and intense action with one objective – seek and destroy the Japanese Naval unit in their own familiar waters and return your crew safety to base. With a limited arsenal of torpedoes at your disposal and an entire fleet hinged on your every decision, it’s paramount that you engage the enemy intelligently and strive for accuracy in all combat situations – in these unforgiving waters it’s the only means of survival.


Breakneck speed and whiplash trails await in Slalom, a downhill skiing marathon that turns mountains into moguls with a gripping time-trial race against the clock! Face off against the perilous peaks of Snowy Hill, the treacherous alps of Steep Peak and the notorious apex of Mt. Nasty in twenty-four exhilarating courses that demand unprecedented skill, agility and absolute mastery of the slopes to outmaneuver and outlast the competition. Keep your wits about as you set a new record; you’ll have to catch some serious air and score some freestyle points for a chance at a bit of solo skiing – but watch out! Formations of jeering snowmen, towering evergreens and novice sledders share the slopes as well, where a single collision is enough to end the run prematurely and send you snowbound!

Snake, Rattle ‘n’ Roll

With their sights set on stardom, twin serpents Rattle and Roll embark on a conquest that will send them over the moon in the eponymous Snake, Rattle ‘n’ Roll. You’ll need to slither your way through eleven isometric worlds as you consume the extended members of the Nibbly Pibbley family for your own gain. Along the way you’ll need to master all manner of tricks and traps, including the dreaded Snakedozers, Bladez and Big Foot that can put a damper on your buffet run. Chew your way through the hardship with an arsenal of clever power-ups that will extended your tongue, afford some extra eating time and even allow Rattle and Roll to swim through raging currents! It’s a perilous journey ahead, but for these rockin’ reptiles, you’ve got to Snake, Rattle ‘n Roll.

Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship

Blasting off through the cosmos and into hostile alien terrain, Jetman has returned in his most ambitious adventure yet! After the most powerful spacecraft in the known Universe, the Golden Warpship, is disassembled by a band of ruthless Space Pirates and scattered throughout the galaxy, Solar Jetman is tasked with rebuilding the ship to its former glory. Aided only by the gargantuan Federation Mothership for refuelling, Jetman will have to explore twelve labyrinthine planets solo in his Jetpod, where opposition is hidden inside every cavern and beyond every crater. With survival running as thin as his fuel, Solar Jetman will need to ward off every potential invasion and escape with the Golden Warpship intact – only then can he face off against his largest interstellar foe yet!

Super Glove Ball

A routine space mission to repair the Allied Space Agency spy satellite is thrown into peril when a dimensional rift tears through the cosmos, engulfing the Shuttle Commander and trapping him inside a monolithic space labyrinth. Heading the rescue mission personally, your only chance at survival and salvation rest in your robo-repair glove, which can deflect high-energy photons into lethal energy balls that can be used to escape the trenches and reach your stranded Shuttle Commander. Close encounters are inevitable, with alien interlopers found at every turn and interstellar threats in every tech tile room to keep you trapped in the maze. The only means of escape from Nexus Nine is to get to grips with some hands on action in Super Glove Ball – your Commander is depending on it!

Taboo: The Sixth Sense

Harness the powers of divination and control your destiny with Taboo: The Sixth Sense, the time machine on Nintendo! Taboo uses the ancient art of tarot card reading and the divination of the Kings to relay your future; hidden knowledge, burning questions and untold possibilities can be yours to discover when you glimpse into the future. Influence the shuffling of the cards as they present themselves and decipher the sage wisdom of the Major and Minor Arcana – prophesied answers will manifest themselves in due time, encrypted in Taboo: The Sixth Sense where its invaluable wisdom can be interpreted straight away. Temptation exists only a few questions away, and the answers to your most intimate of curiosities and deepest of fantasies can be foretold in the deck of destiny…

Time Lord

At the turn of the 30th century, Earth is visited by a nefarious race of time traveling alien warriors from the planet Drakkon. Engaging in a war that extends space and time, the Drakkons begin to alter the course of history by manipulating several key events, forging alliances in the past and ultimately enslaving the planet in the future. The four Drakkon Lords have descended upon Dead Man’s Gulch from the Old West, Castle Harman from Medievel England, The Dona Marie Galleon of the Caribbean and World War II in France – gradually shifting the outcome of present-day Earth! Humanity’s last hope rests within Time Lord, an inexperienced but capable adventurer from the year 2999 who must restore the space-time continuum before the dawn of the new millennium!

Wheel of Fortune

Give the Wheel a spin, buy a vowel, and if you can, solve the puzzle to make your fortune! It’s Wheel of Fortune for your Nintendo Entertainment System, fully realized from its televised roots from Rare! Step into the spotlight as a contestant as you wager your odds and race against the clock – match wits against your friends, or compete against the computer players as you spin the wheel with gusto! Gauge your strength to press your luck, choose your letters carefully and avoid going bankrupt! With over 1000 challenging solutions to keep you guessing, and four rounds of fortune-faring rivalry in a single game, Wheel of Fortune has it all, including showcase prizes like a Dream Vacation, new Bedroom Suite, and even a Ski Holiday! What have you got to lose? Give the Wheel a spin!

Wheel of Fortune: Family Edition

The generation gap has been bridged, thanks to Wheel of Fortune: Family Edition, the newest iteration of the classic television game show from the brilliant minds at Rare! Invite the entire family to spin the Wheel as you solve 1000 brand new puzzles together, specifically designed with answers that appeal to all ages. Challenge your friends and siblings, or go solo against the cunning computer players – you’ll need to keep your wits about in all four rounds of family feuding, including the infamous Speed-up Round! Step up to the unsurmountable challenge and spin the Wheel for a consonant, wager your winnings for a vowel, and avoid going bankrupt at all costs — the traditional staples of Wheel of Fortune are here to experience for the whole family in this enthralling edition from Rare.

Wheel of Fortune: Junior Edition

Wheel of Fortune has returned, tailor-made for a new generation of fresh-faced puzzle solvers with Wheel of Fortune: Junior Edition! Over 1,000 new solutions have been created for this iteration of the classic television game show, intended for the young and the young at heart. Test your mettle against your friends, or face off against the computer players for huge prizes! Enter the foray as a contestant and spin the Wheel, use your winnings to acquire some sought-after vowels and solve the puzzle before it’s too late! All four rounds from the traditional Wheel of Fortune have been faithfully recreated in this edition specifically for younger players, with suitable changes made to a showcase of “dream prizes” that will keep children and teenagers solving puzzles for hours!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

After Marvin Acme is found murdered, Roger Rabbit finds himself the prime suspect in a case wild enough for Toontown, worse still; Acme’s missing will that bequeathes Toontown to the Toons is the only thing stopping it from being paved over entirely. Hoping to prove Roger innocent, Detective Eddie Valient steps in to find the answer to the burning question: Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The pending investigation isn’t without its conspirators however, as the nefarious Judge Doom and his band of weasels will stop at nothing to ensure that the case runs cold. Explore Los Angeles as Eddie Valient with Roger Rabbit in tow, searching for clues, interrogating suspects and ultimately face off against the dreaded Judge Doom in a high-stakes showdown! Can you solve the mystery?

Wizards & Warriors

Corrupt with power and intoxicated with malicious intent, the powerful wizard Malkil has enslaved the sprawling Kingdom of Elrond under his command, unearthing a new domain at Castle IronSpire where a captured princess awaits. Many have tried to reclaim the land from Malkil‘s grasp, but all have failed – only one valiant knight remains; the bold warrior Kuros who wields the fabled blade, Brightsword, with a vengeance. Making ingress through dimly lit caverns, tangled woods and underground catacombs and eventually Castle IronSpire, Kuros will require a great deal of cunning and persistence to overcome the perilous obstacles found within. In a cataclysmic meeting of might and magic, Wizards & Warriors will test Kuros in his most challenging quest to save all of Elrond.

Wizards & Warriors III: Kuros: Visions of Power

Returning with a burning vengeance after his latest defeat, the conspiring wizard Malkil has dominated the serene city of Piedup, using his dark magic to overthrow the King and usurp the throne for himself! Arriving in Piedup after two long years, Kuros is no match for his nemesis with might alone, and must join the guild of the Knight, the Thief and the Wizard to master their ancient techniques and arcane Visions of Power. The UnderWorld awaits, where Kuros will need to brave the Mines, the Dungeons and the Labyrinth to acquire the Four Mega Gems that will grant him access into the Palace of Piedup. The Guardians and Dungeon Masters will prove to be formidable foes, but with dominion over the guilds, Kuros will stand victorious to dethrone Malkil in their final showdown!

World Games

All the world’s a stage in this international competition for global prestige and acclaim! Dive from the cliffs of Acapulco, Mexico, take on the treacherous skiing alps in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France, grab the bull by the horns with bareback Bull Riding in Western America and even grapple with Sumo Wrestling in Japan for a chance at honor and glory. Germany and the Soviet Union host Barrel Jumping and Weight Lifting respectively, while Scotland and Canada have held onto their roots and trunks firmly with rousing Caber Toss and Log Rolling! These eight varied events that will test your agility, stamina, balance and finesse in World Games – complete them all in a cross-country trek, or hone your skills in one event to best the World Record and earn your place in the hall of sporting legends!

WWF WrestleMania

Dominate the WWF WrestleMania ring as Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, the Million Dollar Man, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Bam Bam Bigelow, and even the Honky Tonk Man as you take on all challengers for the WWF Championship Belt! Make things personal with a friend in the gripping Standard match, where you’ll go head to head in a free-for-all no-holds-barred slamfest, or open up the ring invitation for a six player tournament where all of the WWF Superstars will get equal time on the ropes! Show up the competition with your favorite Superstar in the solo Tournament, and face off against the roughest contenders in WWF history in a single unrelenting circuit! With the Championship Belt in the balance, you’ll need to enter the ring as a proven fighter and emerge as a legend.

WWF WrestleMania Challenge

Are you up to the challenge? Step into the ring with eight WWF WrestleMania icons and fight your way to the top personally! Grapple with legends like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Ravishing Rick Rude, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Macho King Randy Savage, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the Big Boss and even Andre the Giant in a star-studded slamfest! Turn up the heat with the Survivor Series – an intense three-on-three elimination match to become the sole survivor, or take on the Super Challenge; a supercharged circuit spanning eight endurance rounds that will turn you into a champion! Join your friends in the ring with some Tag Team action, or take on all eight aforementioned WWF superstars together – the ultimate WWF WrestleMania Challenge is waiting! Are you ready to rumble?