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Wheel of Fortune: Junior Edition

Wheel of Fortune has returned, tailor-made for a new generation of fresh-faced puzzle solvers with Wheel of Fortune: Junior Edition! Over 1,000 new solutions have been created for this iteration of the classic television game show, intended for the young and the young at heart. Test your mettle against your friends, or face off against the computer players for huge prizes! Enter the foray as a contestant and spin the Wheel, use your winnings to acquire some sought-after vowels and solve the puzzle before it's too late! All four rounds from the traditional Wheel of Fortune have been faithfully recreated in this edition specifically for younger players, with suitable changes made to a showcase of "dream prizes" that will keep children and teenagers solving puzzles for hours!

Wheel of Fortune: Junior Edition Team:

Game Design - Tim Stamper, Chris Stamper
Art & Graphics - Tim Stamper, Kevin Bayliss, Samantha Howell
Software - Paul Proctor, Joe Stamper
Music & Sound Effects -
Quality Assurance -
Support - Carole Stamper
???: Carole, Joe, Marty, Rachel, Paul, Wayne, Timbo, Louise, Samantha, Kevin, Mary, Drew, Chris