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Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II

After his short-lived triumph in the original Wizards & Warriors title, Kuros is summoned to the land of Sindarin where his nemesis, the evil wizard Malkil has returned after tempering the four elementals of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire. It will take more than might to overthrow magic this time, as Kuros will need to forge the only mortal weapon that Malkil has ever feared; the fabled Ironsword of legend. Forced to recover the its four shattered pieces, Kuros must do battle with each daunting Elemental warrior, traversing their domain and conquering challenges head on. With the mythical blade in hand, Kuros has only one opportunity to claim the throne from Malkil before the entire land of Sindarin is at his mercy.

Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II Team:

Game Design - Tim Stamper, Steve Hughes
Art & Graphics - Ste Pickford, Tim Stamper
Software - Steve Hughes
Music & Sound Effects - Steve Hughes, David Wise
Quality Assurance - Tim Stamper