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Wizards & Warriors

Corrupt with power and intoxicated with malicious intent, the powerful wizard Malkil has enslaved the sprawling Kingdom of Elrond under his command, unearthing a new domain at Castle IronSpire where a captured princess awaits. Many have tried to reclaim the land from Malkil's grasp, but all have failed - only one valiant knight remains; the bold warrior Kuros who wields the fabled blade, Brightsword, with a vengeance. Making ingress through dimly lit caverns, tangled woods and underground catacombs and eventually Castle IronSpire, Kuros will require a great deal of cunning and persistence to overcome the perilous obstacles found within. In a cataclysmic meeting of might and magic, Wizards & Warriors will test Kuros in his most challenging quest to save all of Elrond.

Wizards & Warriors Team:

Game Design - Mark Betteridge
Art & Graphics - Rachel Edwards
Software - Paul Proctor, Mark Betteridge
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise
Quality Assurance - Stephen Stamper
??? - PP, MB, CTJ, RME, SMS, TDJ