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Anticipation mounts in Rare's first electronic board game for the Nintendo Entertainment System! Grab your game piece and roll the die to traverse the board - land on a colored square and you'll bear witness to a large connect-the-dots puzzle that's set to trace itself out as the clock winds down. The name of the game is Anticipation, and you'll find yourself waiting on baited breath to be the first to guess what the pencil is drawing before your friends do! Once you've buzzed in, it's time to submit your answer using the letters on screen - don't delay, as you're only provided 25 seconds to spell it out! Manage to get the answer right and you'll earn the colored card for that square; collect one blue, pink, green and yellow card and you'll be levitated to the next board, high above your flustered competition. With four boards to conquer as you take on friends or computer players, and a variety of sketching subjects ranging from nature, maths, letters, clothing and the dreaded whatchamacallit, Anticipation will have you on the edge of your seat in no time!

Anticipation Team:

Game Design -
Art & Graphics -
Software -
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise