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Sesame Street: 123

Sesame Street: 123 is an engaging and captivating learning tool that teaches young children the fundamentals of basic mathematics and shape recognition through two fun-filled games that will entertain for hours. Blast off into adventure with Astro-Grover as you countdown more than just a rocket launch; the alien Zips are coming to visit and they'll need your help to guide them to planet Earth. Ernie's Magic Shapes will delight and amaze, as Bert's sidekick conjures up some serious fun; his magic hat providing an assortment of colorful shapes for your child to identify and work their own magic in turn. With varying levels of difficulty and the ever-patient guidance from Grover and Ernie, Sesame Street: 123 is a cornerstone for your child's development. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Sesame Street: 123 Team:

Game Design - John Pickford, Ste Pickford
Art & Graphics - Lyndon Brooke
Software - Andy Miah
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise
Producer - Tim Stamper