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Diddy Kong Racing

Far away from the prying eyes of civilization, a tropical island paradise known as Timber Island is thrown into dystopia when an intergalactic wizard hog descends from the dark recesses of space to gatecrash and throws the inhabitants of the island out in the cold. Challenging anyone in attendance to win the island back by racing him on the Islands renowned Tracks creates little competition and Wizpig soon finds himself on an unbeatable winning streak. Lone tiger cub, Timber; heir and unfortunate guardian to the island while his parents are out garners the support of his many animal friends to take on Wizpig, including Bumper the Badger, Pipsy the Mouse, TipTup the Turtle, and starring in their first Rare debut, Banjo the Honeybear and Conker the Red Squirrel. With a team of skilled racers to their roster, Timber and his pals attempt to take back the island by force, racing through its 25 unique and exciting race courses in plane, car or hovercraft that will lead them to an inevitable showdown with Wizpig himself. Will Timber and friends manage to kick Wizpig out and return the island to its former glory before his parents return?

Diddy Kong Racing Team:

Game Design - Lee Schuneman, Martin Wakeley
Art & Graphics - Kevin Bayliss, Lee Musgrave, Keith Rabbette, Dean Smith, Johnni Christensen, Brian Smythe, Paul Cunningham
Software - Robert Harrison, Paul Mountain, John Pegg, Richard Gale
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise, Graeme Norgate
Voices - Kevin Bayliss, Johnni Christensen, Eveline Fischer, Keith Rabbette, Lee Ray, Lee Schuneman, Chris Seavor, Dean Smith, Joe Stamper, K Stamper, Chris Sutherland
Quality Assurance - Huw Ward, Gary Richards, Simon Farmer, Jamie Williams, David Wong, Gareth Jones, Martin Penny, Steven Brand, Steve Malpass, Andy Wilson
Production - Leigh Loveday, Eileen Hochberg
Producer - Tim Stamper