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At the top of her tower, the warty and physically repugnant Gruntilda the witch asks her magic cauldron who is the prettiest of the land. Unfortunately the answer she manages to receive isn't quite what she hoped for, and after learning that her loathsome looks were outdone by a bear cub named Tooty, the old hag swoops down on her broomstick towards Spiral Mountain in an envious fit. With a plot to steal Tooty's good looks via Beauty Transfering Machine, all looks lost for the helpless bear as she's captured and brought back to Gruntilda's Lair. Enter our titular heroes, big brother bear Banjo and his pet breegul Kazooie; an unlikely duo that are tasked with rescuing Tooty from Gruntilda's clutches before it's too late! The Bear and Bird will have to explore Gruntilda's massive lair and venture into the 9 worlds hidden inside, which are home to creepy creatures, endearing characters and a plethora of collectible items that will aid them on their quest. Along the way, Banjo and Kazooie will venture into a decrepit Haunted Mansion, traverse a scorching desert, wade through a piranha-laiden bog, climb aboard a rusty ship and discover worlds of sand and snow. Released in 1998, this game has set the bar for all 3D platforming games, with its lush, expansive worlds and brilliant characters; this game is a must for all who seek an adventurous tale of good and evil.