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Diddy Kong Racing DS

Nearly a decade after their initial racing romp on Timber Island, Diddy Kong and friends return to the sun kissed shores when Wizpig kicks up trouble in this remake of Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo DS! Tasked with defeating the big pig bully once more, the Kongs and company will have to race through all 25 tracks and face off against their respective bosses to send the intergalactic hog packing. More than just a straight port, Diddy Kong Racing DS includes several new additions that set it apart from the original, such as the ability to upgrade your vehicle for better speed, handling or acceleration, unlock hidden courses and new characters, interact with several new touch screen additions, or create your own tracks to race on with friends and family. While Banjo and Conker are sorely missed from this fresh outing, the title is still very much Rare, with Tiny Kong and Dixie Kong taking the reins instead. Join up on a Nintendo Wi-fi connection to face off against players around the world, or go solo and tackle the remastered adventure mode when you take Diddy Kong Racing DS on the go!

Diddy Kong Racing DS Team:

Game Design - Gary Richards, Paul Machacek
Art & Graphics - Dean Smith, Dermot Fanning, Keri Gunn, Chris Peil, John Mummery
Software - Rob Ware, Trevor Attwood, Mark Bryant, Arturo Gtz Lopez, Joseph Humfrey, Lee Hutchinson, Ben Wilson
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise
Quality Assurance - Anthony Salway, Huw Ward, Luke Munton, David Wong
Producer - Paul Machacek, Paul Mountain
Special Thanks - Ryo Agarie, Gavin Flint, Donnchadh Murphy, Sergey Rakhmanov, Louise Ridgeway, Jon Severn, Mark Betteridge, Simon Farmer, Lee Musgrave, Lee Schuneman