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Jetpac Refuelled

In a remake nearly twenty-four years in the making, Jetpac Refuelled sees itself the brilliant successor to the first Jetpac title on the ZX Spectrum which marked Rare's very first steps into the gaming world back in 1983. In this intergalactic tale of strange worlds and hostile alien forces, Jetman is tasked with piecing together his ship with the far-flung components and stocking it up with fuel found in a disarray on the planets surface. His journey is anything but uninterrupted as he attempts to scavenge his parts, as the airborne aliens will hardly leave Jetman unscathed. Luckily he's come prepared with a large laser cannon that will vaporize his pursuers should they get a little too close for comfort. With Jetpac Refuelled packing itself full of impressive planetary visuals, stellar sound score and extra goodies like weapon power-ups and achievements, the fundamental gameplay for the first Jetpac title remains intact, managing to hold on to its timeless legacy to this day.

Jetpac Refuelled Team:

Game Design - Tim Stamper, Chris Stamper, Peter Hentze, Nick Burton, Lee Schuneman, Andy Wilson, Duncan Botwood, Jens Restemeier
Art & Graphics - Wil Overton, Donnchadh Murphy, Matthew Grover, Saehoon Lee
Software - Nick Burton, Jens Restemeier
Music & Sound Effects - Steve Burke, Dave Clynick, Martin Penny
Quality Assurance - Huw Ward, Luke Munton, Anthony Salway, David Wong
Production - Lee Schuneman, Andy Wilson, Leigh Loveday, Mark Betteridge, Simon Farmer, Gregg Mayles, Lee Musgrave, Kieran Connell