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Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise

When Professor Pester and his meddlesome Ruffians compromise Piñata Central's electronic records, chaos ensues as the wiped data halts any outgoing Piñata's to be shipped to their respective parties along with any knowledge of the Island inhabitants irrevocably damaged. Already in quite the predicament, players are tasked with revitalizing Piñata Island by growing their own gargantuan garden, and rebuilding the Piñata database as new residents move in. Exploring the newly-discovered Piñarctic and Dessert Desert regions will be instrumental to inducing previously undiscovered species of new Piñatas to your garden, and tackling the online mode can allow up to four players to join in your endeavors simultaneously. With a little gardening know-how and a little luck, you might restore Piñata Island - and the extensive Piñata Central database - to its former glory.