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Along the golden shores of Treasure Trove Cove you're sure to find a submerged sandcastle that's been flooded with the tide. Fortunately the area can be drained if one pays a visit to the Sand pail overlooking this area known as Leaky, who appropriately enough needs help in patching up a hole in his side. If you execute your Back Side Bomb ability and toss a few eggs in Leaky's direction he'll empty the water below as a reward. Venturing into the sandcastle will reveal that the floor is covered in tiles, and each tile has been assigned a letter of the alphabet. If you use your Beak Buster ability you'll manage to spell out different words by slamming your beak onto the letters in a certain order one after another. The Jiggy that has been locked away in the castle can be acquired by spelling out BANJOKAZOOIE, though there are many more secret codes tucked away in the game that you're free to use in order to cheat. You'll be able to unlock levels, break down Note Doors, carry infinite items and even change your appearance via slamming in the correct codes into the Sandcastle Floor.
So long as you've obtained the Sandcastle Jiggy you'll be able to enter the countless codes below without issue. Certain codes will require specific conditions be met before you're able to reap the rewards, though most simply require that you've completed the castle. Without further ado you're free to scroll on through the list below of every code found within Banjo-Kazooie.

In order to enter a Cheat code, you'll have to use your Beak Buster to spell out CHEAT; you'll manage to hear the "Moo" each time you slam one of the letters to spell it indicating that Rare has a sense of humor and that you're ready to start cheating! Before you wait for the correct letters to light up a luminous green when you slam them in, any CHEAT codes won't make any indication that you're putting them in right, whether it be from audio cue or visual hint. This can be quite tedious given that missing a letter by small fraction will yield no notification that you've made a mistake until you've finished the code and nothing happens. This is for good reason however, as anyone could simply find these rare codes if they were to instill some guess work and spare time into capturing all of the secret codes. Once you have finished slamming in the long rhyme you'll hear the final confirming "Moo" before you harvest your rewards, without further ado you'll find each code in Banjo-Kazooie categorized below for the taking!
The following cheats will allow you to carry an unlimited supply of the item detailed below. The mechanics of these codes work rather curiously, as your supply won't be topped off at it's maximum but rather your current collection will never run out. You'll still manage to pick up the items until you reach your maximum, but if you never pick up any more of the codes respective item, then the amount will always stay at the number in which you were at when you initially completed the cheat code.

CHEAT NOW YOU CAN FLY HIGH IN THE SKY Once you've slammed in CHEAT and followed it up with NOWYOUCANFLYHIGHINTHESKY, you'll hear the confirming "Moo" that signifies you've entered the code correctly. From here, let's get out somewhere where we can stretch our wings as there will be no flying in the sandcastle. Once you've located a Flight Pad, take off into the air and keep an eye on your Red Feathers. Whatever your current amount you'll discover that the count will never dip down which means you've got unlimited potential for flying high in the sky as the code suggests!

Red Feathers can be found by the dozen; perhaps you'd rather bulk up your collection of unlimited Golden Feathers and herald yourself as an unstoppable force. If this sounds like the code for you, enter CHEAT into the sandcastle floor and follow it up with AGOLDENGLOWTOPROTECTBANJO and you'll grant yourself infinite invincibility! If you've already dealt with the Black Snippet inside the sandcastle you'll need to venture outside to find some worthy opponents that you'll be able to take on without fear of running out of feathers. From here you're free to annihilate enemies, best the bosses and even go against Gruntilda all while listening to the catchy Banjo-Kazooie Wonderwing Theme!

Invulnerability is great against enemies and hazards, but it does little to defend you against platforming dangers such as falling from great heights or drowning. If this is the case you might find yourself running low on Banjo Statuettes when you reenter the world to try again, which can lead to the dreaded Game Over scene very quickly. If you'd rather your play run uninterrupted then simply enter CHEAT followed by LOTSOFGOESWITHMANYBANJOS and your current amount of Banjo Statuettes will never run out. From here you're free to explore the game to no end with unlimited chances, tackling difficult challenges such as the harrowing heights of Click Clock Wood or retaining sanity in the Engine Room of Rusty Bucket Bay!

CHEAT BANJO BEGS FOR PLENTY OF EGGS This next code will help that buzzard on your back in delivering an unprecedented egg attack! Just enter CHEAT and follow it up with BANJOBEGSFORPLENTYOFEGGS and your current supply of Blue Eggs will never drain. Plenty of eggs is an understatement as you'll manage to dispatch your enemies as well as the bosses with your untapped arsenal. Patching up Leaky above will no longer be an issue as your Backside Bomb is covered as well!

CHEAT GIVE THE BEAR LOTS OF AIR Perhaps one of the most useful cheats is one which could be put to best use in Clanker's Cavern where your air supply might just have you frantically heading to the surface after some deep sea diving. If you'd like to have your baited breath be the least of your worries just enter CHEAT and follow it up with GIVETHEBEARLOTSOFAIR and your oxygen will never deplete under any circumstances. Even as you enter the oily waters of Rusty Bucket Bay you'll find that you'll be able to expel a deep breath yourself knowing that your oxygen supply is safe.

CHEAT AN ENERGY BAR TO GET YOU FAR Hunting for Hollow Honeycombs can be cumbersome when it comes to bulking up your health, as you'll have to collect a total of six hidden combs in order to add an additional unit of Honey Energy. If you'd rather skip out on combing for combs and jump start yourself with full health enter CHEAT followed by ANENERGYBARTOGETYOUFAR to acquire all 8 units of energy. While this code is far from making you invulnerable to your enemies, you'll be able to take a lot more abuse as the bar will take you far just as the code promises.

CHEAT DONT BE A DUMBO GO SEE MUMBO This is another handy code that aids in ceasing the hunt for collectibles. If you've ever found yourself desperately trying to make your Mumbo Tokens reach the required amount on Mumbo's Sign then this is the cheat for you! Start off by slamming in CHEAT and then follow it up with DONTBEADUMBOGOSEEMUMBO and you'll instantly receive 99 Mumbo Tokens on the spot. No need to hunt high and low for the tokens this time, as 99 is more than the Shaman could ever require!
Unfortunately there isn't a code for unlimited Jiggies, so the fantastical prospect of unlocking every level with your untapped supply will have to remain a day dream. However this isn't to say that there isn't a way to unlock all of the levels; they've just been given their own unique codes to open them up.

Before you go rushing to slam in every code listed below it's essential that you're aware that unlike the Capacity Codes above you'll only be able to enter two of the following codes below. Once you've entered your second code Gruntilda will threaten to erase your Game Pak if you continue to cheat. If you attempt to enter a third cheat code Bottles will ask you to verify that you'd like to enter the code, knowing full well that your Game Pak is in jeopardy. If you choose to complete the code as entered Gruntilda will pop back up and tell you that your Game Pak has been erased. You can continue your play with the code until such time as you decide to quit, once you've done so you'll find that the file you've chosen to cheat on has been wiped entirely. The hag seems to have you misled however, as only your file has been erased and not your entire Game Pak as originally promised. Still, if you're serious about saving your file, yet curious to enter the codes below then choose the two most important codes and leave it at that; there's too much risk to do any more.

First and foremost the most useless of the codes, though arguably the most interesting. If you slam in the word CHEAT into the sandcastle floor followed by THISCOMESINHANDYTOOPENSOMEWHERESANDY you'll manage to unlock Treasure Trove Cove! But...you're already in Treasure Trove Cove... And thus we're led to an interesting factoid that originally the sandcastle floor wasn't in Treasure Trove Cove to begin with, the other possibe candidate being Mumbo's Mountain which Rare might have thought was too early or tiny to feature a Cheat Code room. The code does work, however in completing it you'll have wasted one of your free chances that goes toward saving your Game Pak. Whoops!

Perhaps you'd rather toil in the grim surroundings of Clanker's Cavern earlier on in your adventure? If so it's just a matter of slamming in CHEAT and then THERESNOWHEREDANKERTHANINWITHCLANKER and you'll manage to crack open the Cavern. Interestingly enough though the worlds have been opened by entering their specific cheat, you can still find their puzzles around Gruntilda's Lair incomplete. The option is still there to complete the puzzle, doing so will showcase a cutscene of the world already open.

BubbleGloop Swamp is also available if you choose to enter the bog earlier then intended, just be sure that you've collected enough notes to get by the first Note Door of 180. Once you're ready, slam in CHEAT followed by NOWYOUCANSTOMPINTOTHESWAMP and you'll unlock Bubble Gloop Swamp free of charge in Gruntilda's Lair.

If you've found the above levels too damp and murky than perhaps you'd rather venture off and get some sun in Gobi's Valley. This can really come in handy as the puzzle which leads to Gobi's Valley is hidden behind the 350 Note Door, whereas if you've unlocked it earlier you'll only have to take out the 260 Note Door. If this appeals to you then pound out CHEAT followed by GOBISJIGGYISNOWDONETREKONINANDGETSOMESUN to unlock Gobi's Valley.

The heat can get to you quite easily in Gobi's Valley, so if you're looking to cool off you're time could be better spent in the chilly confines of Freezeezy Peak. If an early admitance to the winter wonderland suits your style then slam CHEAT into the sandcastle floor followed by the longest of the level codes; THEJIGGYSDONESOOFFYOUGOINTOFREEZEEZYPEAK ANDITSSNOW in order to unlock Freezeezy Peak.

Provided that you've collected at least 350 notes in your adventure you'll be able to access the Lava Room of Gruntilda's Lair where you'll find the next possible level candidate; Mad Monster Mansion. This code can come in handy if you're lacking Notes as the Mad Monster Mansion puzzle is located beyond the 450 Note Door which means you'll be warranted to skip an entire world in your adventure! If touring around the haunted estate earlier then intended is your thing then slam in CHEAT followed by THEJIGGYSNOWMADEWHOLEINTOTHEMANSIONYOUCANSTROLL to unlock Mad Monster Mansion.

Beyond the 450 Note Door lies the puzzle to one of the most challenging levels in the entire game; Rusty Bucket Bay. Don't expect the trials to stick inside the level either, as even earning admitance to Rusty Bucket Bay requires the slamming of timed switches which rise and lower the water level. If you'd rather just skip these challenges altogether slam in CHEAT followed by WHYNOTTAKEATRIPINSIDEGRUNTYSRUSTYSHIP to unlock Rusty Bucket Bay.

CHEAT THIS ONES GOOD AS YOU CAN ENTER THE WOOD The most tedious of challenges is best saved for last, as this is the case for Click Clock Wood which features its puzzle without a podium. In fact if you were to unlock the level through normal gameplay you'd find yourself ascending Grunty's Lair to its end, slamming a switch which makes the Jiggy Podium for Click Clock Wood appear and then traipsing all the way back to the area around Treasure Trove Cove just to fit in the pieces. That doesn't even count the time taken to get back to Click Clock Wood. If you'd rather cut out the tediousness and instead reap the instant reward just enter CHEAT and follow it up with THISONESGOODASYOUCANENTERTHEWOOD to unlock Click Clock Wood.
Although you'll learn each of your abilities from Bottles the Mole, there are two hidden cheat codes that allow you to skip out on the Moles lessons and skip straight ahead to knowing the abilities. Keep in mind however, that the rules above still apply in that you may only use two CHEAT codes before your Game Pak is put into jeopardy. In addition, you might just find that seeking out Bottles is easier then slamming in the tedious codes in the first place. Nonetheless, both codes are included below.

If you'd like to use the Fly Pads without learning the respective ability from Bottles atop the mast of the Salty Hippo then simply slam in CHEAT followed by YOUWONTBESADNOWYOUCANUSETHEFLYPAD and you'll be able to utilize any Flight Pad within the game from this point onwards.      

CHEAT YOULL BE GLAD TO SEE THE SHOCK JUMP PAD The Shock Spring Pads can be activated in a similar manner as well, just slam in CHEAT followed by YOULLBEGLADTOSEETHESHOCKJUMPPAD and you'll be able to utilize any Shock Spring Pad without learning the ability previously from Bottles above Leaky, which makes it glaringly redundant.  
While you'll need plenty of Jiggies to progress naturally through Gruntilda's Lair you'll also need to collect a plethora of Notes in order to access the later levels of the Lair that have been blocked by the Note Doors. Unfortunately your collection will need to match the amount depicted on the Note Door, otherwise you'll be unable to warrant passage through to the other side. There are a few CHEAT Codes however that will take away these nuisance Note Doors so that you may pass freely without collecting the Notes needed regularly. Keep in mind though that you'll only be able to use two of the following codes before putting your file at risk.

CHEAT THESE GO RIGHT ON THROUGH NOTE DOOR TWO With the first Note Door at the amount of 50 already dealt with to access Treasure Trove Cove we'll focus on the next Note Door that the CHEAT code can open leading to BubbleGloop Swamp with the giant Grunty statue. If you're interested in bypassing the second Note Door at 180 Notes then slam CHEAT into the Sandcastle floor followed by THESEGORIGHTONTHROUGHNOTEDOORTWO and the 180 Note Door will be no more.

CHEAT NOTE DOOR THREE GET IN FOR FREE The next Note Door is located just right of the Grunty statue and blocks off the area to Gobi's Valley and Freezeezy Peak. If you'd like to sneak right by this Note Door at 260 notes just slam in CHEAT followed by NOTEDOORTHREEGETINFORFREE and you'll take care of it in no time.    

CHEAT TAKE A TOUR THROUGH NOTE DOOR FOUR The fourth Note Door at 350 Notes blocks off the Lava Room harboring Mad Monster Mansion. If you'd like to break on through to the other side just slam in CHEAT followed by TAKEATOURTHROUGHNOTEDOORFOUR and you'll be granted access to the eerie atmosphere of Mad Monster Mansion.  

CHEAT USE THIS CHEAT NOTE DOOR FIVE IS BEAT You'll find the next Note Door blocks off the area leading to Rusty Bucket Bay and the Mad Monster Mansion puzzle room at 450 Notes. If you'd like to gain access to the flooded floor just slam CHEAT into the Sandcastle floor followed by USETHISCHEATNOTEDOORFIVEISBEAT to take out Note Door Five.  

CHEAT THIS TRICKS USED TO OPEN NOTE DOOR SIX Nearly there yet, Note Door Six blocks off the area leading to Click Clock Wood at an astonishing 640 Notes! If you'd like to break into the area harboring the last level of the game just slam in CHEAT and follow it up with THISTRICKSUSEDTOOPENNOTEDOORSIX and you'll creep by free of charge.  

CHEAT THE SEVENTH NOTE DOOR IS NOW NO MORE The final Note Door leading to Grunty's Furnace Fun awaits just beyond the reaches of Click Clock Wood at a whopping 765 Notes. If you'd like to unlock the area to the showdown then just slam in CHEAT followed by THESEVENTH NOTEDOORISNOWNOMORE and you'll squeeze right by the requirements of the last Note Door.  
Note Doors are hardly the only obstacles in Gruntilda's Lair that will hinder your progress; you're sure to find plenty of Grilles, Walls and Switches that will impede your efforts to make it through the Lair. Ordinarily these obstacles can be swiftly dealt with through a bit of skill but alternately there are several cheat codes which you're free to use to remove the various puzzles in Gruntilda's Lair, though you may find it easier to simply solve them. Given the length of the codes and the fact that you may only use up to two of them safely it may be wise to skip this section altogether, still, the codes are here if you wish to use them.

CHEAT THEY CAUSE TROUBLE BUT NOW THEYRE RUBBLE This handy little code allows you to remove all breakable walls found within Gruntilda's Lair such as the stacked blocks which barricade the doorways around the entrance to Gobi's Valley. If this sounds like it interests you just slam in CHEAT followed by THEYCAUSETROUBLEBUTNOWTHEYRERUBBLE to get rid of them altogether, though keep in mind that they can always be easily dispatched with a simple Rat-A-Tat Rap.

CHEAT WEBS STOP YOUR PLAY SO TAKE THEM AWAY In the Freezeezy Peak section of Gruntilda's Lair you're sure to spot an infestation of cobwebs that have taken up a fair portion of the area. Most of the cobwebs can be found coating the walls and kept out of the way, but others have been draped across walls and the ground; blocking off the sections just behind them. Normally these webs can be cleaned up with a shot of Blue Eggs or a Backside Bomb, if you'd prefer to skip out on sweeping them up however you can just slam CHEAT into the Sandcastle floor followed by WEBSSTOPYOURPLAYSOTAKETHEMAWAY to get rid of them all in one fell swoop.

Located in the same area of Gruntilda's Lair is a large sculpture of the Hags face which feature two huge glass orbs where her eyes should be. If you hit the Witch Switch in Mad Monster Mansion's church you'll cause a Jiggy to appear just behind the right eye, the glass protecting the Jiggy from any attempts to grab it. Normally you'll have to use a Flight Disk and your Beak Bomb Aerial Attack to shatter the glass eye, but if you slam in CHEAT followed by GRUNTYWILLCRYNOWTHATYOUVESMASHEDHEREYE to be rid of the eye without using the Beak Bomb.

Perhaps one of the most arduous journeys to complete a world puzzle takes place in the Click Clock Wood lobby where you'll need to slam a switch to make the Jiggy Podium appear in the Treasure Trove Cove area. If you'd rather skip this task altogether simply slam in CHEAT followed by DONTDESPAIRNOWTHETREEJIGGYPODIUMSTHERE and the Podium will appear atop the stump in front of the puzzle. You may find it easier however to unlock Click Clock Wood using the cheat to open the level itself to save time and a cheat code.

Another difficult portion of Gruntilda's Lair has you rushing around to raise the water levels around the entrance to Rusty Bucket Bay. You'll need to break through the Crypt Gate near Mad Monster Mansion as Pumpkin Banjo and transform back to smash through the coffin to locate the switch that raises the water level. If you'd prefer to skip the switch just slam in CHEAT followed by UPYOUGOWITHOUTAHITCHTOTHEWATERLEVELSWITCH and you'll raise the level without breaking down the crypt gate.

Speaking of the Crypt Gate you'll ordinarily have to use a Beak Barge to break the Gate, but there does exist a CHEAT code that you can use to get rid of it early on in your adventure by slamming in CHEAT followed by YOUWONTHAVETOWAITNOWTHERESNOCRYPTGATE, a bit pointless but it's there for you nonetheless.    

The last CHEAT that goes toward the Crypt challenge is one that removes the Crypt Coffin Lid that covers the water level switch. Normally the Crypt Coffin lid can be destroyed with a slam from a Beak Buster, but it may also be destoryed by slamming out CHEAT followed by THISSHOULDGETRIDOFTHECRYPTCOFFINLID, though the entire procedure can be skipped altogether if you slam in the cheat to rise the water level.

You'll find that the large Gruntilda statue has a secret all it's own as behind the grate in its stomach lies a Jiggy which can be obtained by utilizing the Shock Spring Pad found in Gobi's Valley and dropping into the large urn in the center of the room. If you've activated the Witch Switch in BubbleGloop Swamp your fall through the urn will run uninterrupted as you drop through the ceiling and through the statue. From here it's a quick slide through the digestive tract and you'll find yourself on top of the Jiggy in the pit of Grunty's stomach. If you'd rather skip this invasive tour through Gruntilda's statue then you'll have to slam CHEAT into the Sandcastle floor followed by SHESANUGLYBATSOLETSREMOVEHERGRILLEANDHAT and you'll have taken away the tip of the statues hat as well as the Grille blocking the Jiggy.

Near the damp exterior of BubbleGloop Swamp you're sure to find a tunnel at the rear which leads to the Freezeezy Peak Jigsaw Puzzle. If you climb the icy slope to the left you'll discover a large ice globe that blocks the entrance to the area where you'll first meet Cheato. Naturally you'll have to break the ball via Beak Buster and come back later as an Alligator to squeeze through the claustrophobic cavern. If you'd rather rid the Ice Ball entirely then you'll just have to slam in CHEAT followed by ITSYOURLUCKYDAYASTHEICEBALLMELTSAWAY and you'll save yourself having to break it as the Bear and Bird.

These next three CHEAT codes all go toward solving an elaborate puzzle located in Clanker's Lair just outside the Cavern. Before you're able to enter the level you'll be tasked with raising two large pipes in front of the Cavern entrance so that you'll be able to Feathery Flap across to the other side, without the pipes raised you'll end up bogged down in the drink unable to get up to Clankers. If you'd rather raise the pipes without hitting the switch just slam in CHEAT followed by BOTHPIPESARETHEREINCLANKERSLAIR, just keep in mind that the switch used to raise the pipes is located just to the right when you come in. It's actually easier to slam in the switch then slam in the tiles in the long run.

CHEAT YOULL CEASE TO GRIPE WHEN UP GOES A PIPE This code goes toward raising the third pipe up to reach Brentilda on the opposite shore where you found the first switch. Once you've used your Feathery Flap ability to make it across the pipes you'll locate a second switch just to the left of Clanker's Cavern; hitting the switch will cause the third pipe to rise. If you'd rather skip out on slamming in the switches just slam in CHEAT followed by YOULLCEASETOGRIPEWHENUPGOESAPIPE to activate the third pipe without using the switch provided.

If you follow Brentilda's pipe to its end you'll find the final switch in Clankers Lair which goes toward opening the Grille that blocks the tunnel leading to the BubbleGloop Swamp Jigsaw Puzzle. You'll have to hit all three switches normally to get the grille open as each switch requires its counterpart, if you'd rather skip the switches just slam in CHEAT followed by ONCEITSHONEBUTTHELONGTUNNELGRILLESNOWGONE to remove the grille.
Not every cheat utilized in Banjo-Kazooie is hidden deep in the game to be unearthed later, in fact if you've progressed far enough in your adventure you're sure to meet a large Spell book named Cheato who will provide the Bear and Bird cheat codes provided they're able to locate his hidden locations around Gruntilda's Lair. Unless you've found Cheato you'll be unable to use his cheats in the Sandcastle, so if you're interested in locating Cheato yourself just pay a visit to the Cheato Cheats page here, otherwise the codes acquired from the tenacious tome are listed below

BLUEEGGS If you're able to locate Cheato by the Freezeezy Peak Jigsaw Puzzle with Alligator Banjo, Cheato will tell you to enter the code BLUEEGGS into the Sandcastle Floor. If you make your way back to Treasure Trove Cove and enter the cheat as provided you'll increase your total Egg arsenal capacity to 200 rather than 100.  

REDFEATHERS Find Cheato in the Lava Room outside of Mad Monster Mansion with Pumpkin Banjo and Cheato will tell you to enter REDFEATHERS into the Sandcastle Floor. If you work your way back to Treasure Trove Cove and enter REDFEATHERS as instructed by Cheato the total amount of Feathers to 100 instead of 50.  

GOLD FEATHERS If you're able to find Cheato tucked away on the highest floor of the Rusty Bucket Bay room by raising the water level to its highest point he'll tell you to enter GOLDFEATHERS into the Sandcastle Floor. If you venture all the way back to Treasure Trove Cove and enter GOLDFEATHERS as Cheato has said you'll increase your total amount of Gold Feathers from 10 to 20.  

BRLGOEULDFEAEGTHGERS You're free to enter the above codes at any time during your adventure to recieve a top off of Eggs of Feathers depending on which code you've entered inside the castle. If you'd like to receive a full inventory of all the codes above just enter BRLGOEULDFEAEGTHERS, which is an anagram of Blue Eggs Gold Red Feathers and you'll receive a refill on all three codes.  
The Bottles Bonus Codes are cheat codes that may be obtained once you've beaten Bottles' "Moving Picture Game" in Spiral Mountain. To initiate the game take a closer look at the portrait of Bottles in Banjo's House, for each puzzle you complete you'll receive a Bottles Bonus cheat code that you can use in Treasure Trove Cove. Each of the seven codes allow Banjo to change his proportions drastically providing humorous and freaky results. An entire listing of the Bottles Bonus Codes as well as the Puzzle Solutions for the Moving Picture Game may be found here.

Stop 'N' Swop is the magnum opus to video game mysteries; to this day fans of the game theorize what this dropped feature could have been. What we do know for sure is that Stop 'N' Swop proposed a method of transfer between Banjo-Kazooie and its sequel Banjo-Tooie. Upon completing the first adventure 100% you'll receive a sneak mention of Banjo-Tooie from Mumbo Jumbo who will then show the duo collecting various secret items within Banjo-Kazooie that were not accessible before. The items were then to be whisked away to Banjo-Tooie where they could be put to use. The secret collectibles included seven colored mystery eggs complete with question marks slapped on the side as well as the only secret visible through normal gameplay; a large rotating Ice Key found behind an unbreakable wall within Freezeezy Peak. Since this feature was ultimately dropped altogether the links between the two titles were severed and thus there is no way to transfer the items. Not all is lost however, as there does exist CHEAT codes that were found after the release of Banjo-Tooie which allows the Stop 'N' Swop Eggs and Key to be collected, though they serve little purpose other than bragging rights and a complete cartridge. You can find an exhaustive guide detailing Stop 'N' Swop http://www.raregamer.co.uk/view_feature.php?id=6&gameid=1[linkname]here, If you would like to go on the secret treasure hunt, the codes are provided below - it should also be noted that the using the Stop ' N' Swop codes will not erase your Game-Pak.

Tucked away from the Sun speckled shores of Treasure Trove Cove lies an interesting rocky structure in the middle of the water called "Sharkfood Island". The name comes from the sign posted atop the rock, which seems to do nothing but add to the atmosphere of the tropical level. However, the island may be risen from the depths to reveal and entrance further down if you enter CHEAT into the Sandcastle Floor followed by OUTOFTHESEAITRISESTOREVEALMORESECRETPRIZES. Once you've done that the action will cut away from the sandcastle and focus on a now taller Sharkfood Island out to sea. Swimming out the island - all the while avoiding Snacker - and venturing inside the cavern will reveal the first of the Stop ' N' Swop locations. You'll have to use the Shock Spring Pad provided to climb onto the pillar and use your Feathery Flaps to get around the alcoves. once you reach the top you'll manage to retrieve the Mystery Pink Stop 'N' Swop Egg.

If you've made it to Gobi's Valley in your adventure it's no doubt that you've come across a large unbreakable door where Gobi offered up a Hollow Honeycomb Piece. Beyond the door lies an ancient tomb which houses the Blue Stop 'N' Swop Egg which you'll be unable to retrieve unless you slam CHEAT into the Sandcastle Floor followed by ADESERTDOOROPENSWIDE ANCIENTSECRETSWAITINSIDE. Once you've done that the door will be no more and you're free to travel to Gobi's Valley where you'll be able to enter the ancient tomb. Inside you'll progress down the hallway where you'll locate a sarcophagus in front of a golden switch. Slam the switch via Beak Buster and you'll open the lid to the coffin harboring the Blue Mystery Egg, jump inside to collect your prize.

Perhaps the most desired and alluring of the Stop 'N' Swop items is the mysterious Ice Key. Through regular play you'll manage to spot the Ice Key inside Wozza's Cave in behind a large icy window in Freezeezy Peak. Countless efforts and hoaxes were tried to no avail and it seemed that the Ice Key would forever illude gamers who tried to snatch up the rare object. The solution has since been discovered, as the ice wall can be shattered by slamming in CHEAT followed by NOWYOUCANSEEANICEICEKEYWHICHYOUCANHAVEFORFREE. From here you'll have to travel to the chilly world of Freezeezy Peak and grab the Ice Key atop its podium.

The following Stop 'N' Swop items were never initially promised at the end of Banjo-Kazooie but you can still retrieve them in your game by slamming in their respective codes. You'll find the first hidden egg located in the Cellar of Mad Monster Mansion, locked behind a large barred barrel. Though the other lids on the barrels in this area can be broken, the wrought iron bars appear to be too much for Kazooie's Rat-A-Tat Rap ability, so you'll need to inquire help elsewhere - mainly the Sandcastle Floor in Treasure Trove Cove... Once inside just slam out CHEAT followed by DONTYOUGOANDTELLHERABOUT THESECRETINHERCELLAR to remove the lid off the secret barrel. Once you've done that venture into Mad Monster Mansions' cellar where you'll discover that the inside of the barrel continues some ways to a secret annex which harbors the Mystery Cyan Stop 'N' Swop Egg.

Unlike the other mystery items within Banjo-Kazooie, the following eggs don't have a location of their own which lies just out of detection through ordinary gameplay. Instead the items will just appear in previous locations that you've explored before. The first of these items will appear in Mad Monster Mansion giving the spooky level two secrets. To reveal the item just slam in CHEAT followed by AMIDSTTHE HAUNTEDGLOOMASECRETINTHEBATHROOM and you'll cause the Mystery Green Egg to appear atop Loggo the Toilet. From here it's just a simple matter of entering Mad Monster Mansion and climbing onto the roof where you'll smash the bathroom window. Once inside the bathroom jump up to Loggo and Flip Flap up to the Mystery Green Stop 'N' Swop Egg.

All aboard the Rusty Bucket Bay! You'll be wanting onto this old derelict once you discover that the level not only harbors the Rusty Bucket but the Mystery Red Egg as well. In order to have the Egg appear you'll have to slam in CHEAT followed by THISSECRETYOULLBEGRABBININTHECAPTAINSCABIN to have it pop up in the Captains Cabin. Once you've done that come abord the Rusty Bucket and smash the port window on the opposite side closest to the Ships' Whistle on the stern. Jump in through the window and you'll find the Red Mystery Stop 'N' Swop Egg on the Captains bed.

The final Stop 'N' Swop item will also require you break a window, this time in Click Clock Wood. In order to have the Mystery Yellow Egg appear you'll have to slam in CHEAT followed by NOWBANJOWILLBEABLETOSEEITONNABNUTSTABLE into the Sandcastle Floor to have the egg appear on Nabnuts table. In order to retrieve the last item you'll have to travel to Click Clock Wood in the winter season and get to Nabnut's House at the top. Once there you'll need to smash the exterior window and venture into his home where you'll locate the Mystery Yellow Stop 'N' Swop Egg on the table opposite his bed.
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