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Sabre Wulf (GBA)

After taking a long leave of absence from his adventuring exploits, Sabreman finds his roots rekindled when he's called out of an early retirement by the mayor of Blackwyche Village. It would seem that the amulet Sabreman pieced together those many moons ago to keep his nemesis at bay has been shattered to bits by a deranged doctor, ultimately setting SabreWulf free to wreak havoc across the surrounding jungle villages. Now under the bidding of Dr. Dolittle-Goode, the Wulf has taken to stealing various treasures and hoarding them inside his vast cavernous system underground. Sabreman will have to use all of his cunning to make it through each dangerous dwelling with the help of several exotic creatures playing host to their own unique abilities. Once he's managed to sneak up on the snoozing Wulf's lair, he'll be tasked with salvaging the treasure and making a daring escape as he's chased back to the entrance with his reclaimed valuables. While this ancient explorer may be getting on a bit, he'll have to remain as spry and nimble as he was in his youth to escape each lair unscathed and return all of the treasures back to their respective owners in order to thwart this kleptomaniac duo once and for all.

SabreWulf Team:

Game Design - Gary Richards, Gregg Mayles
Art & Graphics - Chris Peil, Keri Wood, Ryan Firchau
Software - Trevor Attwood, James Simmons
Music & Sound Effects - Robin Beanland
Quality Assurance - Huw Ward, David Wong, Richard Cousins, Justin Cook, Luke Munton, Matthew Smalley, Ross Bullimore, David Parkinson, Gary Phelps, Gareth Stevenson, Anthony Stevenson, Anthony Salway, Chris Allcock, Scott MacDowall, Kinesh Patel, Liam Davey, Simon Chang, Christian Leech, Darren Gargette
Production - Leigh Loveday