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Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge

Two months after Grunty initially fell from her Tower at the end of Banjo-Kazooie the hag remains under the witch squishing granite, frothing with rage and bent on bear blasting revenge as the title so implies. Klungo responds, constructing a large mechanized Gruntilda suit that will go about harboring the hags spirit. No sooner has Gruntilda boarded this robotic monstrosity she begins to plot her cunning plan to exact her revenge, which comes in the form of kidnapping Kazooie and then going back in time and preventing the Bear and Bird duo from ever meeting in the first place!


Starting its life as Diddy Kong Pilot before the monkey shines were laid to rest, Banjo-Pilot stars everyones favorite unassuming Honey Bear and loudmouthed Red Crested Breegull as they take to the skies in this exhilarating Gameboy Advance Racer. Joining the fray are several familiar faces from the Banjo-Kazooie universe including Mumbo-Jumbo, Humba Wumba, Jolly Roger, Bottles the Mole and even the wicked witch Gruntilda, who Banjo and Kazooie will have to race through sixteen classic courses from Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie and Grunty’s Revenge. Along the way to claim the cup, Honeybear and company will soar over the sands of Treasure Trove Cove, take flight over frigid heights of Freezeezy Peak and even take part in vicious dog fights high above the clouds.

Donkey Kong Country

Not to be outdone with their previous offering of Donkey Kong Country goodness on Game Boy Color, the next generation of portable players were to experience the original Kremling quashing adventure on Game Boy Advance where the most faithful rendition of the SNES Classic would find itself rendered. Akin to its Color counterpart however, extra tidbits have found their way in as well with previously heralded Funky’s Fishing and new entry Candy’s Dance Studio to mix things up! Marking the first efforts in bringing the classic trilogy to an audience on the go, Donkey Kong Country GBA‘s endearing gameplay and familiar graphics are just a taste of untold things to come…

Donkey Kong Country 2: GBA

Starting the Donkey Kong Country trilogy afresh with their Gameboy Advance counterparts, Donkey Kong Country 2: GBA acts the sequel released in a year following the original ported adventure. Based after the Kong Quest of the same name on the SNES, Donkey Kong Country 2: GBA tasks Diddy and his girlfriend, Dixie Kong, with rescuing prime ape Donkey Kong who was kidnapped by Kaptain K. Rool following the events of Donkey Kong Country. Set to take on the scenic sights of Crocodile Isle and Kaptain K. Rools’ cutlass crew of nautical naughties wasn’t enough it seems, with extras Funky’s Flights, Bag a Bug mini-games and a new time trial mode called Diddy’s Dash that will see you to from beginning to end of this massive Kong Quest!

Donkey Kong Country 3: GBA

Capping off the trilogy just a year following the events of Donkey Kong Country 2: GBA, the release of Donkey Kong Country 3: GBA would see gamers taking their final outing on the shores of the Northern Kremisphere following in the footsteps of the original SNES adventure; Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble!. After feeding Kaptain K. Rool to the fishes in the previous Kong Quest, a new robotic foe named KAOS has taken the reigns following the disappearance of both Donkey and Diddy Kong. Acting fast, Dixie Kong and newcomer Kiddy Kong are tasked with engaging in this new threat and restoring the Northern Kremisphere to its former glory. Akin to its advanced counterparts, Donkey Kong Country 3: GBA features new bonuses Cranky’s Dojo and Swanky’s Dash to wrap up this trilogy on the go.

This secret entry is dedicated to Paul Machacek's wife, Ania Zofia Dorothy Spytek

It’s Mr. Pants

From the loins of the canned Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers arose the proper pieces for an oddball puzzler all the same dubbed It’s Mr. Pants. Players were tasked with using these same pieces to fit together unorthodoxly in order to complete the game board, only to be rewarded with a sound byte of a Loon or Cow when they had done so. Apart from solving the plethora of puzzles, players were also challenged with pinpointing the exact second their sanity had left them at the mercy of the games utter lunacy. With its stylistic childish artwork and varied mental sound effects, It’s Mr. Pants has a charm all its own.

Sabre Wulf (GBA)

After taking a long leave of absence from his adventuring exploits, Sabreman finds his roots rekindled when he’s called out of an early retirement by the mayor of Blackwyche Village. It would seem that the amulet Sabreman pieced together those many moons ago to keep his nemesis at bay has been shattered to bits by a deranged doctor, ultimately setting SabreWulf free to wreak havoc across the surrounding jungle villages. While this ancient explorer may be getting on a bit, he’ll have to remain as spry and nimble as he was in his youth to escape each lair unscathed and return all of the treasures back to their respective owners in order to thwart this kleptomaniac duo once and for all.