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Mire Mare

Stretching back in time to Rare's previous incarnation as Ultimate: Play the Game during the 1980's, this coveted ZX Spectrum title was intended to be Ultimate's swan song of sorts to close the era. While Mire Mare had been mentioned within previous titles Underwurlde, Pentagram and Knight Lore as the final proposed Sabreman adventure, the title never materialized beyond prospective cover art. In a similar veil of notorious secrecy that shrouded Ultimate: Play the Game, evidence towards the existence of Mire Mare is few and far between, with cheeky references towards the illusive finale within Xbox titles Jetpac Refuelled and Grabbed by the Ghoulies. Gaining traction with conspiracy, this speculative Spectrum release has earned a legacy all its own.
  • Mire Mare retrospective
    Previews Even now, in those corners of the Internet devoted to the machines of the early 80s, the possibility of unearthing a copy of Mire Mare is still talked about - in spite of the fact that there was never any proof of its existence beyond a single mention of the name. Some people are just […]