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Grabbed By The Ghoulies

Lost in a foreign countryside, Cooper and his girlfriend Amber attempt to get their bearings as the sun slowly sets behind them. Amber clearly agitated by her boyfriends antics suggests that they ask for help in one of the massive manors that dot the plains, which Cooper dismisses as a place for creeps...or worse. Unfortunately his comment is overheard by the owner of Ghoulhaven Hall, Baron Von Ghoul himself, who doesn't seem to appreciate Coopers insinuation. Without a moments hesitation the Baron sends two of his Ghoulies to snatch up Amber and leave Cooper struggling to keep up as they enter the dark and foreboding mansion... Alone in Ghoulhaven Hall Cooper must search for Amber while venturing through its 100 rooms and battle a variety of Ghoulies from small Imp to The Grim Reaper. Fortunately Cooper isn't about to leave the Hall as he's found it, picking up the antique items and furniture around the interactive environment to fashion as weapons against the Ghoulies! Whether Cooper's wielding a guitar like a baseball bat, or tossing a Television Set at a wave of steadily approaching enemies, this is one night that he's not soon to forget!