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Conker’s Bad Fur Day

After a night of heavy binge drinking at the Cock and Plucker, Conker the Squirrel awakens to find himself far away from home and left to contend with the worst side-splitting headache a hangover can deliver. All Conker wants to do is return home to bed, but this feat is easier said than done as his half baked antics lead him through a variety of different worlds as he meets a slew of menacing and uncouth characters. Along the way he'll do battle with a lumbering Soprano singer comprised entirely of feces, stage a gigantic heist to rob a bank, use his intoxicated bladder as a means of defense against too-hot-to-handle enemies, and even go to war against the equipped Tediz Army. The title is ripe with scatological humor and vulgarities with heavy tribute to popular films of the decade such as the The Matrix, Alien and The Terminator, nothing is sacred in this tale and the line of decency is constantly being crossed to no end. For a cutesy platformer turned on its end starring a sarcastic Squirrel with a heavy-duty hangover, it's just gonna be one of those days....

Conker's Bad Fur Day Team:

Game Design - Chris Seavor, Mark Betteridge, Gregg Mayles, Don Murphy, Dave Rose, Tim Stamper
Art & Graphics - Dave Rose, Chris Seavor, Edward Sludden, Carl Tilley, Andrew Betts, Declan Doyle, Aisling Duddy, Louise Ridgeway
Software - Chris Marlow, Tony Wong, Mike Currington
Music & Sound Effects - Robin Beanland
Voices - Chris Seavor, Louise Ridgeway, Chris Marlow
Quality Assurance - Matthew Carter, Justin Cook
Huw Ward, David Wong, Richard Cousins, Gareth Stevenson, John Silke, Roger Smith, Gary Phelps Andrew Kimberly, Ross Bullimore, Gavin Price, David Parkinson, Dale Murchie
Production - Simon Farmer, Pete Cox, Doug Crouch, Mark Green, Leigh Loveday, Paul Mikell, Andrew Wilsonstrong