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Conker: Live & Reloaded

Far from finished shocking the masses and consuming copious amounts of alcohol, Conker returns on the Xbox for the classic retelling of his Bad Fur Day roots with Conker: Live & Reloaded. As the endearing tale goes, Conker the squirrel manages to get lost on the way home from a heavy binge drinking session and awakens to find himself in an unfamiliar land with a heavy-duty hangover. If it were a simple port, the outstanding bumped up visuals and remastered score would be enough to satisfy any Bad Fur Day aficionado, but with Conker's tongue-in-cheek and self referential humor, there are certainly enough twists and turns to throw off faithful spotters of the first title. If its a fantastic multiplayer mode you're after, Conker delivers in spades with his thorough Xbox Live mode, which pits you against the disturbed looking Tediz or military grey Squirrels on several new maps, classes and powerful weapons which will have you with itchy trigger fingers. Whether you're after a high definition version of the original Conker tale, or you're after headshots and capturing flags, Live & Reloaded offers the best of both worlds without any nasty side effects the next morning that the red squirrel is all too familiar.