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Battletoads In Ragnorak’s World

An innocent intergalactic space cruise takes a turn for the worst as the evil Dark Queen intercepts the Battletoads' Toadster ship and kidnaps the bodacious babe, Princess Angelica, along with her warty escort, Pimple en route to her home planet. This of course doesn't sit too well with the remaining Battletoads team, Rash and Zitz who are tasked with tailing the aforementioned evil Dark Queen to Ragnorak's World. Traversing the planet will prove to be no easy feat, as every turn and twist will lead the 'toads into factions of brutal opposition. Psyko Pigs, Razor Ravens and and Hammer Fish will be the least of your worries as you punch, kick and buck your way to the evil Dark Queens Lair to rescue the damsel in distress and your fellow toad in trouble!

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