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Battletoads In Battlemaniacs

Venturing to the Gyachung-La fortress in northern Tibet, the Battletoads brave the frigid climate to test out a revolutionary new Virtual Reality system called TRIPS. As the 'Toads prepare to strap into the VR experience however, one of the Dark Queens' Psyko Pig minions virtually leaps out from within the system, dragging Zitz and the CEO's daughter back into the machine. It's up to the remaining Battletoads to traverse the virtual world called Gamescape and release their fellow toad and damsel in distress, all before the evil Dark Queen and her newest partner in crime, Silas Volkmire, trap them inside the digital world forever!

Battletoads In Battlemaniacs Team:

Game Design -
Art & Graphics - Chris Peil
Software -
Music & Sound Effects -
Quality Assurance -