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R.C. Pro-Am II

R.C. Pro-Am is back, and this time it's bigger, faster, and more challenging than ever before! Turn up the heat with 24 new merciless circuits to become the champion of R.C. Pro-Am II, or extend the invitation to three friends to find the best racer amongst you. Driving skill will only get you so far however, as you'll find new performance enhancing power-ups, hindering obstacles and lucrative prizes appearing on the track. Collect enough fast cash and you'll manage to make your R.C. Racer a force to be reckoned with when you splurge on improved tires and faster engines - alternately, favoring your arsenal with missiles, bombs and lasers will make every confrontation lethal! Strictly for professionals, R.C. Pro-Am II delivers as much speed, action and excitement as its predecessor!

R.C. Pro-Am II Team:

Game Design -
Art & Graphics - Chris Peil
Software -
Music & Sound Effects -
Quality Assurance -