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Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat

Based on the successful arcade title of the same name, Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat straps you into the cockpit as you race white-knuckle against a trio of breakneck Indy drivers including Danny Sullivan himself! Master every hairpin turn and complete every lap to upgrade your vehicle to streamline perfection, dominate the competition and you'll be headed straight for the finish line - with a little help from your attentive pit crew of course. Follow the non-stop racing action from the likes of Western Canada, New Jersey, South California, Ohio and Colorado for your rare shot at competing in the ultimate challenge; the Tradewest Speed Bowl! Start your engines and get ready for the burn, this is Indy Heat as you've never seen it before!

Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat Team:

Game Design -
Art & Graphics - Trevor Hill
Software - Steve Hughes
Music & Sound Effects -
Quality Assurance -
??? - Chris