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Marble Madness

It siphoned quarters in the arcades, it inspired the rancor of countless heavy handed gamers with its precise control, and now the insanity comes home with Marble Madness for your Nintendo Entertainment System! The premise is simple in theory; guide your fragile marble through a treacherous isometric course as you attempt to steel yourself to the goal line. In practice this is easier said than done, however, as each obstacle, hairpin turn and uncertain drop will send you careening towards your certain doom! To make matters worse, you'll be racing against the clock in all six increasingly challenging raceways, with each Steelie, Marble Muncher and even your own momentum hindering your approach to the goal. Keep a level head and your reflexes at an all time high for each narrow lip and edge; only masters of prestidigitation will manage to survive Marble Madness!

Marble Madness Team:

Game Design -
Art & Graphics - Kevin Bayliss, Rachel Edwards
Software - Paul Proctor
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise
???: Sweep, Julie, Tess, Barry, Kev, Poppi, Rachel, Paul, Ali, Simon