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John Elway’s Quarterback

Based on the smash hit arcade game of the same name, John Elway's Quarterback turns your living room into a bona fide football field as you run every pass, manage every tackle and outrun the daunting opposition -- just like John Elway! From the scrimmage line you'll have complete control over each maneuver and power play that will lead to a touchdown; each call playing to your offensive or defensive strengths. Play against real rival teams as you go head to head against the cunning computer players, or take on your friends as you attempt to outmatch their skill and outwit their own plays in the thrilling and in-depth multiplayer mode. No matter how you choose to play the game, John Elway's Quarterback will seat you at the head of the field and at the forefront of excitement!

John Elway's Quarterback Team:

Game Design -
Art & Graphics -
Software -
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise