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Killer Instinct Arcade 2

Deep beneath the sinister headquarters of Ultratech, the Killer Instinct tournament reaches a head with Orchid facing off against the demonic Warlord Eyedol. While Orchid manages to deal a swift and lethal blow to finish the fight, a cataclysmic rift in the Limbo realm was torn asunder in response, swallowing the whole of the Ultratech corporation along with the surviving combatants. Now trapped two-thousand years in the past, the most ruthless of Killer Instinct Arcade are met with ancient contention in warriors Tusk, Maya and Kim-Wu. With a new reigning Warlord found in Gargos, this proverbial clash of the titans in Killer Instinct Arcade 2 must stand in the face of opposition, conquering familiar demons to return to their own time period before it's too late!

Killer Instinct Arcade 2 Team:

Game Design - Chris Tilston, Mark Betteridge, Kevin Bayliss, Ken Lobb, James Charlesworth, Gavin Hood
Art & Graphics - Kevin Bayliss, Chris Seavor, Lee Musgrave, Don Murphy, Philip Dunne, Keri Gunn
Software - Mark Betteridge, Chris Tilston, Robert Harrison, Tony Wong, Martin Hollis
Music & Sound Effects - Robin Beanland, Grant Kirkhope, The Lads
Motion Capture - Kevin Bayliss, Simon Farmer, Louise Stamper, Dean Smith, Jon Paul Jenkins
Voices - Louise Stamper, Chris Seavor, Isaac Marshall, Armond Williams, Adrian Smith, Keiko Tamura, Keri Gunn, Ken Lobb, Chris Sutherland, Faye Newborough
Quality Assurance - Huw Ward, James Charlesworth, Gavin Hood, Gary Richards, Ken Lobb, Isaac Marshall, Henry Sterchi, Armond Williams, Melvin Forest, Shane Lewis, Kyle Carlson, Joe Stamper, Darren Walker, Eddie Ferrier, Mike Vinikour
Production - Chris Stamper, Pete Cox, Leigh Loveday