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Killer Instinct Arcade

Unleash your inner fighter with Killer Instinct Arcade! Megacorporation Ultratech is hosting a high-stakes competition tournament to pit the worlds greatest combatants against each other – many will enter but only one will emerge victorious. Hardened warriors Jago, Sabrewulf, B. Orchid and T.J Combo have entered the Killer Instinct tournament with ruthless energy and plan to leave no contender standing. Sparing no expense, Ultratech’s experiments have produced a legion of merciless fighters, including fallen legends Spinal and Riptor along with state-of-the-art powerhouse Fulgore. Brutal finishers, relentless combos and bitter adversaries are par for the course in Killer Instinct Arcade with Ultratech’s secret weapon waiting for the final fated showdown!

Killer Instinct Arcade 2

Deep beneath the sinister headquarters of Ultratech, the Killer Instinct tournament reaches a head with Orchid facing off against the demonic Warlord Eyedol. While Orchid manages to deal a swift and lethal blow to finish the fight, a cataclysmic rift in the Limbo realm was torn asunder in response, swallowing the whole of the Ultratech corporation along with the surviving combatants. Now trapped two-thousand years in the past, the most ruthless of Killer Instinct Arcade are met with ancient contention in warriors Tusk, Maya and Kim-Wu. With a new reigning Warlord found in Gargos, this proverbial clash of the titans in Killer Instinct 2 must stand in the face of opposition, conquering familiar demons to return to their own time period before it’s too late!

Super Battletoads Arcade

The unstoppable and impossibly warty trio of Zits, Rash and Pimple have returned for their most ambitious amphibious outing yet, in Super Battletoads Arcade! The Dark Queen is stirring trouble across the cosmos with her cohorts Robo-Manus, Big Blag and General Slaughter which if left unchecked could cause galactic turmoil and universal peril! It’s time to cause a royal revolt with all three ‘Toads at once – team up and take on an army of Psyko Pigs across hostile Starships, frozen chasms, perilous caverns and even inside the Dark Queen’s own maleficent mansion in a galactic spanning tale too big to take home! It’s all of the classic beat-em action you loved from the classic series revitalized for the arcade to deliver a triple-threat of Battletoads excitement!

X The Ball

Rare‘s first venture into the world of coin-operated menagerie started with X the Ball, an enthralling game of skill that required dexterity, nerve and cunning to come out on top! If you’ve got your heart set on stardom you’ll need to analyze the screen when an image of a football match appears and then place an “X” over the area you believe should host the missing ball. There are five chances you’ll have to place your “X”, and if your intuition and accuracy proves to be correct, you’ll be awarded with a steady stream of tickets from the cabinet. With chances to win up to 500 tickets, a selection of fast-paced action found in the bonus games, and the anthropomorphic soccer guru, Mimo-Man ever-present, X the Ball offers a unique challenge to football and arcade fans.