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Killer Instinct Classic

Available for owners of the Killer Instinct Ultra Combo and Ultimate Combo Editions, Killer Instinct Classic offers an extremely competent and faithful rendition of the original Killer Instinct Arcade only for Xbox One. Developed by Code Mystics with an incredible eye for detail, this exhaustive port brings the earliest entry in the franchise up to speed with the arcade action you remember along with several innovative features, including thirty new achievements, unlockable cutscenes, leaderboards and total control over the action with Operator settings for a complete experience. Whether you're looking for nostalgic reprieve from the latest Killer Instinct title, or taking on your competition old-school, Killer Instinct Classic brings the arcade into your living room!
  • Killer Instinct Classic Code Mystics Retrospective
    Reviews Killer Instinct Classic is the real deal! This true-classic arcade game make a triumphant return to your console as an exclusive download in the Killer Instinct Ultra and Ultimate Editions, only for Xbox One. It's the perfect companion to Double Helix's Killer Instinct update. Features include: Fully authentic: Uses FOCAL Emulation Technology to create pixel- […]