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Based on the Arcade classic of the same name, Cabal puts you at the head of the action with impressive arsenal of high caliber riffles and munitions to steel yourself against an onslaught of terrorists soldiers and commandos. Take cover behind the barracks and use your vantage point to take out enemy forces from the air, land and sea, then shower the company with enough grenades to clear the area. It's a one-man battlefield as you're matched up against the world, so keep your itchy trigger finger ready at all times and you'll manage to blast your way through the crumbling enemy lines and obliterate all opposing forces that stand in your way.

Cabal Team:

Game Design - John Pickford, Ste Pickford
Art & Graphics - Lyndon Brooke
Software - Anthony Ball, Steve Hughes
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise
Producer - Tim Stamper, Ste Pickford, John Pickford