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Captain Skyhawk

When a hostile race of alien invaders begins to harvest the worlds energy to fuel a massive laser canon that will ultimately used to destroy it, Captain Skyhawk is called upon to prevent the leeching menaces from returning the sought-after energy to their mothership. Tasked with piloting his F-14VTS Fighter Jet through a series of treacherous trenches crawling with extra-terrestrial opposition, Skyhawk's ultimate destination lies at the planetary core of four far-flung reposit stations. Take control from within the cockpit as you navigate through intense dogfights, drop your volatile payload into receiving ports and face off against larger-than-life bosses that are out of this world. They may not come in peace, but thanks to Captain Skyhawk they'll be leaving in pieces!

Captain Skyhawk Team:

Game Design - Tim Stamper, Chris Stamper
Art & Graphics - Tim Stamper, Mark Potente
Software - Trevor Hill, Brendan Gunn, Mike Currington
Music & Sound Effects - Steve Hughes, David Wise
Special Thanks - Joel Hochberg, Carole Stamper