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Breakneck speed and whiplash trails await in Slalom, a downhill skiing marathon that turns mountains into moguls with a gripping time-trial race against the clock! Face off against the perilous peaks of Snowy Hill, the treacherous alps of Steep Peak and the notorious apex of Mt. Nasty in twenty-four exhilarating courses that demand unprecedented skill, agility and absolute mastery of the slopes to outmaneuver and outlast the competition. Keep your wits about as you set a new record; you'll have to catch some serious air and score some freestyle points for a chance at a bit of solo skiing - but watch out! Formations of jeering snowmen, towering evergreens and novice sledders share the slopes as well, where a single collision is enough to end the run prematurely and send you snowbound! Slalom Team: Game Design - Art & Graphics - Software - Music & Sound Effects - David Wise ??? - RTY, QWE, CLW, CSS, JBN, MA, ASD, BBB, AAA, LCS, BMS, FB, ADW, TSD, TDJ, DDD, CCC, PPU, JH, DRS, KCS, HWP, ADW