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Hollywood Squares

You've argued with the clueless contestants on television, you've watched as the celebrities have lied through their teeth - now it's your turn to prove your mettle and spot deceit and deception with Hollywood Squares! Akin to its televised counterpart, you'll be expected to fill a large tic-tac toe board by answering trivia to claim a square. You'll have a little help from a panel of celebrity guests who provide answers - but watch out - if you've been suckered into their bold-faced lies or doubt their genuine answers, you'll surrender your spot to the competition! There are fantastic prizes to be won, including a brand new flashy sports car if you can pick apart the facts from the falsehood. Who can you trust? Is anyone on your side? Find out, with Hollywood Squares!

Hollywood Squares Team:

Game Design - Tim Stamper, Chris Stamper, Mark Betteridge
Art & Graphics - Tim Stamper, Kevin Bayliss
Software - Paul Proctor, Joe Stamper, Chris Stamper
Music & Sound Effects -
Quality Assurance -
Support - Joel Hochberg
???: PHB, Mark, Paul, Tim, John, CTJS, Joe, Joel, Kev