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Digger T. Rock: Legend of the Lost City

Armed with a trusty spade and an iron will, pint sized miner Digger T. Rock is about to embark on the largest dig of his storied career after stumbling on a half-hidden sign pointing 'way 'way down to a fabled Lost City. Riches and wealth beyond his unfathomable fantasies may await Digger deep down below, but the same can be said of the terrifying prehistoric creatures and unspeakable horrors that patrol the underground caverns just waiting for curious cave explorers. Can Digger T. Rock manage to shift enough sand and dig enough dirt to find his way to the deepest of depths, or is he unknowingly digging his own grave en route to eternal fame and ancient riches?

Digger T. Rock Legend of the Lost City Team:

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??? - A.W, Ben, Joe, DanArt