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Cobra Triangle

It's anything but a pleasure cruise aboard this highly modified Cobra Class Speedboat, as the waters are rippling with excitement, bubbling with anticipation and frothing with rage! You'll be expected to master your craft as you race savvy competition in twisting canals, leap over spanning chasms, detonate bombastic beacon buoys and power through raging rapids as you go against the flow. Leave enough obstacles in your wake and you're sure to rouse the attention of deadly sharks, or perhaps an immense sea monster that has risen from the fathoms. It's a race against time as Cobra Triangle delivers one action-packed mission after the next, with enough electrified currents, vicious whirlpools and perilous logjams to fill an entire sea of troubles!

Cobra Triangle Team:

Game Design - Mark Betteridge, Tim Stamper, Chris Stamper
Art & Graphics - Tim Stamper, Kevin Bayliss
Software - Mark Betteridge, Chris Stamper, Joe Stamper
Music & Sound Effects - David Wise, Mark Betteridge
Special Thanks - Joel Hochberg