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Blast Corps

When a defective nuclear missile carrier strays from the beaten path and becomes an unstoppable force, the Blast Corps. are tasked with leveling entire evacuated cities and demolishing anything that might cause the carrier to shift its volatile payload. Clearing a suitable path against the clock means the crew can get creative with several powerful experimental vehicles at their disposal to get the job done. Fish-tail into a complex with BackLash, send debris in your wake with SideSwipe and floor an entire skyscraper with the Cyclone Suit! There's no time to lose and no expense to be had when it comes to the steadily approaching missile carrier. Let's get to work!

Blast Corps Team:

Game Design - Chris Stamper, Martin Wakeley
Art & Graphics - Kevin Bayliss, Keith Rabbette, Don Murphy, Paul Cunningham
Software - Graham Smith, Richard Wilson, Robert Harrison, Mike Currington
Music & Sound Effects - Graeme Norgate, Grant Kirkhope
Voices - Robin Krouse, Eric Wass, Isaac Marshall, Michael Kelbaugh, Lee Ray, Helen Coombs
Quality Assurance - Huw Ward, Gary Richards, Jamie Williams, David Wong, Gareth Jones, Martin Penny, George Andreas, Gavin Hood
Production - Leigh Loveday, Eileen Hochberg, Jerry Rogowski, Matthew Berger, Simon Farmer