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Top 5 Pirates You’re Going To Be In Sea of Thieves

Last May we were extremely fortunate to recieve an invitation from Rare to be the first to play Sea of Thieves at their headquarters in Twycross - the experience was unlike any other, and we're still sailing high on excitement. While the experience is still being documented in between longing sighs and fond memories, we're taking a moment to reflect on one of the most important aspects of Sea of Thieves; "Being The Pirate You Want To Be". Will ye lead your crew through stormy seas no other Pirate would dare? Or will ye set a course for mainland the second ye feel a raindrop? We've compiled a list of some pirate qualities that you'll experience first-hand, though you might find that the 'Pirate You Want To Be' is a combination of all of them - or perhaps even none of them! This is just a small glimpse at some of traits you'll showcase with some handles we've created for good measure - these are the Top 5 Pirates You're Going To Be In Sea of Thieves!
Everything you've heard is true - he was born with a hook on his hand, he's sailed a ship wearing two eyepatches and he's even fired a cannon at his own mother! These might be the tall tales that other players will whisper as you face off against the latest unfortunate tentacled beast that has decided to rise from the frothy foam. Your bravery on the high seas is only outclassed by your unwavering ability to set a course for peril and come out completely unscathed, save for a few battle scars, of course. If your Crew remembers you for one thing, it's that you run a tight ship and are always keeping an eye out for the next thrilling adventurous exploit. The journey may be one of high stakes and seasickness, but the rewards you'll encounter on the way will be the envy of any old salt worth their... salt.
When the hull of your ship starts to drag across the ocean floor, it isn't due to low tide but rather the weight of all of your salvaged dubloons! Yes, you are a Pirate that with an affinity for uncovering more booty than you can carry aboard, but when the gleam of glittering gold hits your eye it's difficult to show any moderation! You'll spend countless evenings with a shovel in hand, leading your shipmates through cursed strongholds and against hordes of cutlass wielding skeletons for their long lost loot. If your Crew remembers you for one thing, it's that your greedy nature can be won over and that you're generous enough to share your glinting prizes with the ones who helped you unearth it. Exploring trecherous waters and hostile shores, you'll find that you're always lead to an X that marks the spot.
The waters are still at sunset, a damaged galleon positively bursting with gold appears on the horizon heading for shore, and it is here that you've chosen to swing about and aim your cannons for their lower decks. Yes, you are an advantageous bilge rat, but who can resist sinking a ship already taking on so much water? Circling the coves like a vulture and scavenging whatever you can, you'll only sail off when confronted directly, when the element of suprise is not on your side. If your Crew remembers you for one thing, it's that you deliver orders twice as fast when you're making an escape and you've never observed 'parley'. With the appearance of sails on the horizon a sailors delight or warning, you're always ready to direct your shipmates into appropriate action to keep your ship above water.
The waves are crashing and all aboard are showing off an uneasy, wobbling swagger. No, your crew isn't earning their sea legs - they've just finished downing all their tankards of grog you've brought aboard. Reduced to fits of laughter, you attempt to co-ordinate your dizzy crew to their positions to return to the tavern you've just left, but two of them have already fallen overboard! If your Crew remembers you for one thing, it's that every night you managed to improvise an adventure that was absolute comedy gold, and you hardly ever left a crew member behind - even if they kept falling off the ship. Other Pirates with more serious agendas may frown at your antics, but for those looking for the lighter side of Sea of Thieves, you're the Captain that makes the good times happen.
There's an entire world out there, and you're going to set foot on every inlet, every island and every impossible location that you didn't think you'd be able to steer your ship through. Across the horizon you might find gold and glory, but the true treasure is making your mark on an area that had been tamed by no previous Pirate. The alluring coastal caves, the inviting waters, the breathtaking sights atop a towering archipelago, you have free reign to strike your sails to any location you desire. If your Crew remembers you for one thing, it's that you always kept your eyes on the horizon, looking for the faintest glimpse of mysterious shores. If your quest is to explore the far reaches in Sea of Thieves, you'll find that your quest will never truly be over, but perhaps that's part of the adventure...

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