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Top 5 Rare Challenge Packs we’d love to see in Kinect Sports Rivals

This month, Rare managed to deliver a star-studded quadruple helping of retro gaming goodness in the form of the first bout of "Challenge Packs" for Kinect Sports Rivals, welcoming the likes of Banjo-Kazooie, Battletoads, Perfect Dark and Viva PiƱata to the island. While much of May has been spent competing for the aforementioned sponsorship prizes as well as thundering through nostalgia, we've also been speculating on future Rare themed Challenge Packs that might someday become available as well. Unlikely, you say? In all probability, but that's never stopped us dreaming before! These are the Top 5 Challenge Packs we'd love to see in Kinect Sports Rivals! #5. AN ULTIMATE LEGACY IS GIVEN SOME SERIOUS SPACE - JETPAC REFUELLED (XBOX 360)
With the original Jetpac title serving as the first Ultimate release in 1983, this sprightly spaceman has been seen in spiritual sequels, making other noteworthy appearances in the likes of Donkey Kong 64 and even during the introduction Perfect Dark Zero. Jettisoning his rocket kit across the universe, and piloting the assembled craft straight into our hearts, Jetman of Jetpac fame deserves a top spot in potential Kinect Sports Rivals sponsorship stardom. Target shooting would be made all the more impressive with laser blasts, and events like Climbing would surely be aided with a rocket powered Super-jump. With Jetpac Refuelled offering up the latest incarnation, it's been quite some time since we've seen Jetman in action, but one more mission with Kinect Sports Rivals would send us over the moon. #4. BACK INTO FORM WITH CLASSIC KINECT SPORTS RIVALS - KINECT SPORTS (XBOX 360)
While Kinect Sports Rivals may be the first Kinect Sports title for some Xbox One owners, we've hardly forgotten the previous entries in the series, and with past trials like Rapid Runner and its nefariously difficult Kilometer King achievement, our aching legs won't let us forget them either. It's time to reintroduce the Calorie Challenge rivals to the masses, with Steady Celery, Mighty Milk and Chunky Chocolate manifested in some sought-after Rivals sports accessories. Just think, Peppy Pizza pistols for Target Shooting, or Blazing Banana Bowling Balls! The possibilities are endless! We'll just need to set the sponsorship requirements at an all time high, then we'll be relishing in classic Kinect Sports calorie counting canon! #3. A RARE SPORTS LEGEND RETURNS WITH EXCEPTIONAL EXCELLENCE - X THE BALL (ARCADE)
Arguably one of Rare's most obscure arcade titles, X The Ball has gained quite an underground following thanks in part to its unforgettable mascot, Mimo-man. Probably. Probably somewhere, maybe. Regardless, thrusting this sporty star back into the spotlight with a Challenge Pack all his own would bring the classic arcade smash to the masses, setting up prospective Kinect Sports Rivals champions for a series of soccer sponsorships that would require just as much dedication, nerve and downright bewilderment as the original X The Ball title. Rare could even save some time and just provide any ordinary soccer ball as the coveted "Mimo-man's head" as a sponsorship sign-off. It's virtually indistinguishable from any other soccer ball you'll find on the field, but trust us when we say it's definitely Mimo-man. Definitely. #2. GET READY TO GRAB THIS CHALLENGE PACK - GRABBED BY THE GHOULIES (XBOX)
At first glance, there doesn't appear to be too much in common with Rare's latest critical darling, Kinect Sports Rivals and their first Xbox title, Grabbed by the Ghoulies - after all, Kinect Sports Rivals did well, whereas Grabbed by the Ghoulies did, well... Despite this, the inclusion of several undead extras like the Darts V.S. Zombies event in the original Kinect Sports series make a Grabbed by the Ghoulies Challenge Pack the logical next step. Ghoulhaven Hall has a wealth of frightful subjects to draw from, and we wouldn't be scared off by a Zombie Pirate Wake Racer, or a soda-pop brandishing blunderbuss reminiscent of Ol' Edna for use in Target Shooting. Try out the new digs in the your Locker with the Zombie Outfit Pack and you'll be set to draw scares and stares from your rivals! #1. IF IT'S A CAMEO YOU WANT... - KAMEO: ELEMENTS OF POWER (XBOX 360)
Released alongside each other at the launch of the Xbox 360, Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo: Elements of Power saw the spiritual sisters to a new audience - now that Joanna Dark has found her way into Kinect Sports Rivals, we hope that a reunion with the elvish Kameo isn't too far off. With her mastery of the eponymous Elements of Power taking her Warriors to new grounds, Kameo's Challenge Pack would introduce Champions to some seriously sought-after prizes. Scale the side of a cliff like Chilla in Rock Climbing or run the alley with your own Major Ruin style bowling ball - the Elements of Power are yours to own, and yours to harness. Switch through different power-ups and employ different strategies as you go through the motions and you'll be a shape-shifting force to be reckoned with!

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